CAE Fidesys 

Innovative CAE-system that performs a full cycle of engineering calculations, starting from building a computational mesh to the visualization of simulation results.

  • A powerful and flexible preprocessor for preparing high-quality finite element meshes
  • High speed and accuracy of calculations confirmed by NAFEMS benchmarks
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Advanced solver based on Spectral Element Method (SEM)
  • Integrated Python API for automatization of simulation and parametric modeling


CAE Fidesys is an easy-to-use and effective tool for performing a full cycle of engineering-strength analysis including loading a CAD model and its analysis, meshing, setting loads and material mechanical properties, selecting and setting a FEM/SEM-solver, model analysis, and results visualization. CAE Fidesys can be applied at different stages of product lifecycle. The software consists of a preprocessor (including a robust mesh generator), a solver (a set of computational kernels based on FEM and SEM) and a postprocessor. The preprocessor supports all major CAD/CAE data formats. Preprocessor allows importing and fixing/healing CAD-model if needed as well as building a geometrical model either bottom-up (starting from vertices and curves and then moving to surfaces and volumes) or using primitives. Integrated mesh generator provides auto-meshing tools for the construction of finite element models with tetrahedral, hexahedral, pyramidal, prismatic solid (3D), shell (2D) and beam (1D) elements, and their combinations. Special options for improving the generated mesh are provided, e.g. adaptability to local geometry features and smoothing based on several quality metrics. Graphical user interface of CAE Fidesys enables to define various types of external loadings including dynamic or thermal loads and physical properties specific for certain structural parts. For repeated or parametric calculations, e.g. for variable sizes and positions of stress concentrators analyzed, automation of calculations is provided by means of FEA model parametrization using built-in scripting language. Postprocessor of CAE Fidesys visualizes main parameters of stress-strain state as well as combinations of different fields in spatial or time coordinates, in different sections of the structure and in 1D plots, 2D and 3D scenes. One of the advantages of САЕ Fidesys solvers is a flexibility in the choice of a numerical method: finite element method and spectral element method could be used. Spectral element method provides considerable speedup with respect to FEM in nonstationary problems characterized by fast processes, e.g. seismic loading, nondestructive examination and improved convergence in nonlinear problems. САЕ Fidesys can be efficiently applied for performing the following types of structural analysis: • Static and dynamic (implicit or explicit) • Buckling • Modal and harmonic • Geometrically nonlinear (finite deformations, large displacements) • Physically nonlinear (hyperelastic and plastic materials) • Contact: bonded, friction(less) • Thermal, thermoelastic • Porous, poroelastic • Effective properties for composite materials. All simulations can be parallelized on multicore systems using FIdesys HPC capabilities.



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CAE Fidesys  v 5.2
BricsCAD Mechanical V21 - V23
CAE Fidesys  v 5.2
BricsCAD Pro V15 - V23
November 27, 2018

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