The professional HVAC-solution and 3D-BIM solution for Energy Certificates and Simulation. AX3000 is the result of over 30 years leading experience in the field of technical building services. As AX3000 is the first CAD-program which has been developed particularly for the daily requirements in the HVAC part, it offers professional support in projection, construction and production.

  • Module Ventilation - Planning and construction, Ducting calculation, Analysis
  • Module Heating - Pipenet calculation, Heat demand, Comfortable heat, Roombook
  • Module Sanitary - Pipenet calculation, Distributor- and system construction, Analysis etc.
  • Module Electrical - Cable line construction, Placement of intelligent components etc.
  • Cooling load calculation - Ventilation module extension: Cooling load calculation acc. to VDI 2078


One software for all HVAC trades AX3000 is THE software solution for integrated planning of the trades Heating, Ventilation, Sanitary and Electrical. It's innovative control using intelligent objects and the extensive automated analysis bring out the most of your estimated planning time. Innovative and International AX3000 is available in several languages and it supports all popular standards (EU, DIN, Ö-Norm, GOST, SNIP & Ashrae- Standards). This allows you cross-border collaboration in the entire EU-area and beyond. Continuous handling The modular layout of AX3000 offers you extensive specialized solutions for the trades Heating, Ventilation, Sanitary and Electrical. AX3000's continuous handling ensures a short training period. Optimal data organisation The well-arrangement planning documentation offers a clear processing of your projects. Fast analysis because of intelligent drawing elements Interactive features are assigned to every system while you are drawing. Every system part is clearly defined and the technics can be calculated and evaluated with ease. Save time while doing routine operations like creation of basic schedules. Easy data exchange For the optimal co-operation with your planning partners AX3000 offers extensive data exchange methods. AX3000 – Modul Ventilation The ventilation module is a comfortable tool to create detailed implementation and assembly plans. The program offers optional dimensioning via the input of cross section, volume flow or R-value. All relevant data for system calculation is directly saved and can be opened or changed anytime. AX3000 – Heating and Sanitary With the modules Heating and Sanitary you are able to create very complex systems without big effort. AX3000 performs pipenet calculations automatically according to the parameters you have defined earlier. AX3000 – Planning and calculation without interface During the planning AX3000 offers many various subject specific automatisms. Collateral calculations support the planning process. AX3000 – Electrical The Electrical module contains tools to create plans clearly and to calculate ampacity, voltage drop and short-circuit currents for logical circuits. Additional the program generates lists for cables and mounting parts of a circuit. AX3000 – Building simulation This module is the ideal instrument for the dynamic-thermal simulation of a building. The building simulation is marked by automated calculation of the heating- and cooling load considering different wall constructions and types of windows and doors. The geometrical data of a building will be overtaken from BricsCAD directly, this saves time. At the simulation the entire annual climate data will be considered. Examine and optimize the use of energy due to the comparison of different versions. AX3000 – Energy certificate With AX3000 one calculates according to the latest country-specific norms and laws. As certified standardisation commitee member the software is currently accapted as valid calculation program.

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AX3000  2022
BricsCAD Pro V20 - V22
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (64Bit)
October 28, 2019

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