BricsCAD® (Windows) V24 installs and runs independently of previous BricsCAD versions.

The BricsCAD® installer that you downloaded contains all editions of BricsCAD: Shape, Lite, Pro, Mechanical, BIM and Ultimate.

A BricsCAD Pro (or higher) license is required for running compiled (BRX) application programs.

A BricsCAD Pro license is required for rendering, 3D modeling and drawing view creation.

A BricsCAD Pro license is required to create 3D Constraint systems and mechanical components (parts). Pro licenses also enable BricsCAD's deformable solid modeling functionality.

A BricsCAD Pro license is required to enable Civil TIN surface, grading and alignment creation.

BricsCAD Pro is also the foundation for our BIM and Mechanical products.

BricsCAD Ultimate is a single license that includes BricsCAD Shape, Lite, Pro, BIM and Mechanical.

Applications: BricsCAD V24 is compiled with Visual Studio 2019. C++ extension DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) need to be compiled with the same platform tool set in order to be compatible with BricsCAD V24.

These release notes reflect what has been included in each major, minor or maintenance release, based on the English language release. Occasionally, a maintenance release may be skipped for a specific language. If this happens, changes listed for the release will be made available in a subsequent release of BricsCAD for that specific language.

Please help us make BricsCAD better - submit a Support Request if you find anything that doesn't work the way that you think it should. Everyone at Bricsys thanks you for helping us build the best product possible. We couldn't do it without your help.

Welcome to BricsCAD, where continuous product improvement is a way of life. We work daily to deliver the features and fixes that make BricsCAD the best CAD solution for you. #welisten


Version 24.2.06



Fixed a bug where -INSERT on 3D block with negative Z scale was wrongly mapped to X scale.
  • SR177587


BIMGRID is now correctly generated for Section Type Reflected Ceiling in some scenarios.
  • SR173118


Intermediate copies of selected entities are now shown immediately after the first COPYM stage.
  • SR176418
An extra unintended prompt has been removed from the PROPULATE Remove Other command option.
  • SR176818
The PSTSCALE now remembers last used settings across sessions.
  • SR177572
The BEXTEND command selection behavior has been corrected.
  • SR177121
The TCOUNT command handling of prefix and suffix parts has been improved.
  • SR177132
The RTUCS command prompt options are now highlighted and respond to a left click.
  • SR177131
The AI_DRAWORDER command options are now working properly on all language versions.
  • SR177218
The TEXTFIT and PSBSCALE commands now remember last used options across sessions.
  • SR177512
COPYM command prompt options are now working properly in localized versions.
  • SR177510


We fixed a bug where the IFC file would still be imported after cancelling the Import Dialog


Fixed a bug where the user's previous choice of "Uniform Scale" was not remembered in the INSERT dialog.
  • SR159961
Fixed a bug where the uniform scale option was ignored when the "specify on-screen" option was enabled during insertion.
  • SR177573


We fixed a crash that could occur in certain cases when switching to an uninitialized layout tab.
  • SR177125


Fixed a crash during preprocessing for a particular dataset.
  • SR176116

Properties Panel

Alternate units are now displayed correctly for dimension entities when set to use Windows Desktop for units.
  • SR175989


The REINIT command now refreshes the autocomplete popup command list after command alias changes in default.pgp.
  • SR176983

UCS in bubble viewer

UCS is restored after operations in the bubble viewer.
  • SR176429


We fixed a bug that caused file references to be lost while loading and updating a VBA project from an older version.
  • SR174490



Ribbon item collections no longer include stale items after a ribbon reload occurs. This fixes a V24.2 regression.
  • SR176396


Syntax & Variables Check now also checks for certain invalid symbol names, such as symbol names beginning with a period.
  • SR175088


Custom properties with a checkbox control are now displayed in an indeterminate state when multiple entities are selected with different property values.
  • SR174721


AddText() now applies width factor and obliquing angle of the current text style to the newly added text entity.
  • SR176506
IAcadSelectionSet::SelectByPolygon() no longer fails when points are passed by reference.
  • SR176973


We resolved an issue when using (bim:pset-set-property) with dynamic BIM types, which resulted in the property set using the parent BIM type.
  • SR172634
We fixed an issue with (vla-put-DimensionLineColor) failing when called after the same color value was set for text color.
  • SR177070


Version 24.2.05

Improvements to BIM


The ExtensionDictionary is now copied correctly during BIMPROPAGATE
  • SR141587
  • SR173403


3D constraints

Now the FSP indices of 3dpoly vertices, that are being the arguments of 3d constraints, are counted from zero (not from 1 as it was previously).

Annotation Scales

We fixed a crash when changing annotation scale in a drawing containing a large number of scales.
  • SR175362


The AUTOCOMPLETE popup list in V24.2.03 stopped displaying commands that had been registered for demand loading by a plugin. This has been fixed so that both global and localized demand loading commands are included in the list.
  • SR166197


Fixed "Brep Error 3021" during BIMSECTIONUPDATE.


Fixed number property in Spacetag in foreign languages.
  • SR175520


Fixed an infinite loop with self-nested block reference
  • SR174605


We fixed a reference count bug in IAcadDatabase.CopyObjects() that could sometimes result in a crash.
  • SR176051

Command Line

The fading command line log is now positioned correctly while creating a new drawing from the start page.


Fixed a crash when displaying a drawing with silhouettes in MT mode

Document Tabs

Closing document tabs is now blocked while the interactive MTEXT and TABLE editors are active.


We fixed a problem with choosing a user arrow block for multileader styles.
  • SR174884
  • SR175773
  • SR176101


IFCVALIDATE now checks your IFC file again for compliance with the IFC specifications before importing the IFC file

Label Style Editor

We fixed an issue in the Label Style Editor dialog box where the "Component name" and "Anchored to" columns could not be edited.
  • SR175271


Bug fix where in some scenarios not all entities were rotated when using the manipulator.
  • SR175991

Point Clouds

Displaying user selected cache names in the reference manager containing doublebyte characters now works as expected.
  • SR151949


Fixed a lockup (endless loop) when modifying properties of ACIS based entities in PropertiesPanel.
  • SR174896
Fixed a problem with PropertyPreview in PropertiesPanel - when a frozen/off layer was hovered, the entities on such layer reappeared after final selection of that layer.
  • SR174802


PEDITEXT options are now available from the QUAD for 3D Polyline, 2D Polyline and Polyline segments.
  • SR175029
  • SR175279
  • SR175738
  • SR176323

Reflected ceiling plan

fixed 'Elevation fill' for reflected ceiling plan.
  • SR171584


A table cell containing a date field value is now updated immediately after a cell format change to reflect the new date format.



Keyword input is now working correctly when Editor.Drag() is called with PromptDragOptions containing custom keywords.
  • SR175381
Utils.GetAcadResourceIcon() no longer returns an invalid internal icon handle.
  • SR176440


We fixed a V24.2 performance regression in jig sampler loops.
  • SR175381
We fixed a crash when using dynamic UCS with UCSDETECT=2, and hovering a block reference that contains a custom entity.
  • SR176082


Fixes an issue, where multiple same-named entries of property names were listed by LISP and BRX APIs.
  • SR172611
  • SR172612


We fixed a V24.2 regression that caused transient graphics to stop updating dynamically.
  • SR175381
  • SR175513
  • SR176665
We fixed a V24.2 regression that caused F1 on a custom docked paletteset to incorrectly run the HELP command.
  • SR175743


We fixed a bug in IAcadUtility.GetObjectIdString() that caused the returned value to be incorrectly truncated to a 32-bit integer value.
  • SR175572

Express Tools

Fixed an issue with the 'Name' option of the LAYDEL command wherein the dialog would reappear when the user clicked the 'Cancel' button.
Fixed an issue with the 'Name' option of the LAYDEL command wherein the command would attempt to delete the first layer listed in the dialog, even if no layers were selected to be deleted.


Fixed a problem with (getpropertyvalue) : under circumstances, it could mistakenly return the value of a previously queried property.
  • SR174428
Improved compatibility of (dictXxxx) function with AutoLISP : if "dictionary entity" is of wrong entity type, these functions now correctly return NIL instead of triggering a LISP error.
  • SR175583
Fixed (dictadd) function - empty key name (or invalid characters in the key name) do no longer trigger a LISP error, but simply return NIL; this improves compatibility with AutoLISP.
  • SR175580


Version 24.2.04

Improvements to BricsCAD


Tan Tan Tan option is now available.
  • SR113730
  • SR114526
  • SR137673
  • SR145513
  • SR154195
  • SR161010


Improved compatibility of LAYDEL command, providing a 'Name' option to open a dialog to select layer(s) from a list, or even pick by entities.
  • SR172205



Fixed a bug where paperspace was not updated after BEDIT on a parametric block.
  • SR173842


BricsCAD does not allow self referencing blocks.
  • SR161560


Fixes were made so BOM tables created in a localized version still work as expected when used in the English version of BricsCAD.
  • SR167911
  • SR170172

Civil Points

We fixed an issue where a point file with alphanumeric point names could not be imported.
  • SR162873

Command Alias

We fixed a regression that caused an error when entering a command alias with an underscore prefix on localized versions. The underscore prefix is now ignored when used with a command alias.
  • SR173855


In the localized versions of BricsCAD the options are now recognized correctly.
  • SR173968


We fixed an issue where Corridor template element shapes were facing incorrectly so that material was displayed on the back side of shapes.
  • SR171719


We've fixed use of the F1 key as a shortcut key, after it was broken in V24.2.03.
  • SR174475
  • SR174740
  • SR175252
Setting ribbon button style in the CUSTOMIZE dialog is working correct again after it was broken in V24.2.03.
  • SR174770
  • SR174887
  • SR175062
  • SR175125

Dynamic Blocks

Insert of dynamic blocks functions as expected.
  • SR143375
  • SR158350
  • SR171019

Embedded OLE

Opening an embedded or linked OLE drawing file now opens with DWGTITLED=1 and DBMOD=0, so that it does not prompt to save changes when closed, unless actual changes are made.

GDI Objects

Fixed: leaks of GDI Pen and Palette objects.


Pressing F1 in the command line now opens context help for the command or system variable. This was partially broken in V24.2.03.


Fixed a bug where the INSERT command incorrectly inserted blocks with an x scale of -1 with a y scale of -1.
  • SR174948


Mleader with text is displayed correctly.
  • SR152169
  • SR156853


Resolved issue where using the MOVE command on OLE objects doubles the input distance.
  • SR173446
  • SR174679
  • SR174809
  • SR175002
  • SR175096

MTEXT Editor

The resizing grips are again displayed even when the ruler display is turned off.
  • SR174523
  • SR174548
  • SR174585
  • SR174762
  • SR174847
  • SR174847
  • SR174889
  • SR175118


Fixed a crash when opening a file with an incorrect attribute record in the extension dictionary.
  • SR171753


Fixed a bug where PBLOCKOPERATIONSDISPLAY didn't work on drawings created in older versions of BricsCAD.
  • SR172111

Point Cloud Reference / Attach

Fixed processing of point cloud data with long file/path name.
  • SR174717


Fixed a bug where REFEDIT of a block caused a crash.
  • SR126620
  • SR162438

RVT Import

We fixed an issue where section planes were clipped when importing all views from an RVT file.
  • SR144768
  • SR161792
  • SR171401


Improved editing of table cells with a formula.



SelectedObject.GetSubentities() now returns a valid result when only 1 subentity was selected.
  • SR174417
  • SR174753
The implementation of the _AcTrx.Converter.DistanceToString function with Fractional _AcTrx.DistanceUnitFormat enum argument was revised to correct the output.


We fixed a crash that could occasionally occur shortly after calling AcGiTransientManager::eraseTransient().
  • SR171388
We fixed a typo in the BRX sheet metal API sample that could lead to failure on localized flavors.
  • SR173803
We fixed a crash when accessing a AcDbGeoCoordinateSystem after creation.
  • SR174110


Erasing a drawing object no longer changes its BIM classification.
  • SR173267


(setfunhelp) function has been corrected to properly return command name argument, when help is successfully registered.
Fixed (vle-getGeomExtents) when used on modified entities during Lisp execution.
  • SR173891
Improved (findfile) function to correctly return NIL when searching for file or folder, containing trailing spaces; this improves AutoLISP compatibility.
  • SR173981
Added support for "\e" (escaped ESCAPE) sequence, to improve compatibility.
  • SR173978
Improved (vle-file->list) to support UTF-8 and UTF-16LE encded text files.
  • SR173984
Fixes an issue with (vl-list-loaded-vlx) function, returned '("") instead of NIL (empty list), if no VLX module was loaded.
  • SR174557


Version 24.2.03

Improvements to BricsCAD


The C++ BricsCAD API published in the API subfolder has been split into two separate C++ library files. This is a binary breaking change, so older plugins using this API will need to be rebuilt for V24.2 and later.


The areas entered by the user, either based on selected entities or directly entered as polygons, are visually indicated on the screen as filled regions.
  • SR142395
  • SR144064
  • SR152916
  • SR152924
  • SR152928
  • SR152932
  • SR152937
  • SR152942
  • SR152948
  • SR152949
  • SR152952
  • SR156542
  • SR157076
  • SR160496


Fixed a bug that caused constraints to be deleted when a rectangular array was created.


When using the export option and specifying a folder that is in the components libary, the Library Panel is now updated immediately.
  • SR153097
BLOCKCONVERT now supports conversion of stretch and move actions that are attached to a linear parameter with two grips.
  • SR169628
BLOCKCONVERT now supports conversion of Dynamic Blocks with dimensional constraints of increment types.
  • SR159179
  • SR160134


In the "Equal solids" mode of the command, a smarter choice of the orientation of the solid in the newly created block definition is made; now the solid is rotated to have the "flattest" orientation in the XY plane of the block.
  • SR136012
The commands panel that appears on executing BLOCKIFY without selection; now has blue action buttons to access the different workflows of the command: "Equal solids", "Match existing blocks", "Find collections". The last used workflow will be proposed as the default when running the command the next time.
The number in the names of the created block definitions during the "Equal solids" mode of BLOCKIFY is slightly changed: if multiple blocks are found, the first one now receives the suffix " 1".


Suppressed array inside parametric block updates when parameter is changed.
  • SR156250

Context Menu

The Copy Clip command is now labeled "Copy Clip" in the right-click context menu. The hide, show and isolate commands now appear in the right-click context menu, when relevant to the number of selected entities.
  • SR167118

Design Table

Inserting a component that has a design table defined does not bring the design table as a parameter in the drawing it was inserted.
  • SR155746


DMBEND automatically identifies the face under a selected line to be used as a bend axis.
It is now possible to draw a line to be used as a bend axis without the need to select a face.


The commands are now available to the user.
  • SR171335


It is now possible to add a 3D distance constraint to a mechanical assembly between two external components without losing the DWG file.
  • SR171057
  • SR171431


It is now possible to swap fixed side during DMSTRETCH command.
Introduced temporary stretch planes in model space.
It is now possbile to enter stretch dimension dynamically when the first point of stretch is selected.
DMBEND and DMSTRETCH commands on SketchBasedFeature solids prompts a warning to confirm if user wants to remove feature.


The 2D/3D mode switch, that was already present on the FINDOUTLIERS command itself, is now also present as a setting of the FINDOUTLIERS task in DRAWINGHEALTH. As such, DWGHEALTH is providing the same functionality as FINDOUTLIERS itself.

File Menu

The DWGHEALTH, FINDOUTLIERS, SIMPLIFY, OPTIMIZE and CLEANUNUSEDVARIABLES commands are now avalible in the File menu under the Utilities tab.


The functionality and usability of the command has been greatly enhanced, in many ways.
  • It is now possible to "draw" the valid region in modelspace, behaving similarly as the BOX command.
  • An explicit 2D mode is added. When this command mode is active, the valid region is simplified to a 2D rectangle instead of a 3D box. This means that it can be drawn with only 2 clicks. The outlier detection logic is also different in this mode, i.e., the Z-dimension is of all entities is not considered. This 2D mode is also available in the FINDOUTLIERS task in the DRAWINGHEALTH command.
  • An option to restore the view (i.e., zoom level, camera position) when finishing the command, is added.
  • The performance of the widgets that indicate outliers in the active space, has been improved, by visualizing clusters of widgets instead of a pile of widgets for every individual outlier. The clusters are dynamic, and change on zooming in or out.
  • Support of User Coordinate Systems that differ from the World Coordinate System has been completed; and also works as expected when drawing the valid region.
  • When no outliers are found with the current command settings (s.a. valid region), an empty state graphic is displayed in the command panel.
  • SR158767


FROM command has been added to the Entity Snap context menu.
  • SR161583
  • SR161691
  • SR164092
  • SR166298

In-product Tutorials

The in-product Tutorials have been matured on multiple fronts.
  • The blue banner to access the Tutorials has been added to the "Learn" tab on the BricsCAD startpage.
  • For lessons which are not accessible because of higher required license level, a "Buy license" button is added, leading to the Bricsys pricing webpage.
  • The lesson items in the Tutorials overview dialog are now expanded to provide additional details on the content of the lesson.
  • When a lesson is restarted, it is marked as in progress; indicating that the user followed at least part of it.
  • The TUTORIALSONSTARTPAGE system variable is now also editable from the settings dialog, affecting whether the blue banner on the startpage is visible, or not.
  • The tutorials overview and lessons are now correctly downloaded on Mac and Linux.
  • A problem in the sample drawing of the COPYGUIDED lesson is resolved.
  • SR16619
  • SR166191
  • SR168483


Introduced option to the context menu of the array of mechanical blocks that allows the editing of the source element.
Introduced a CTRL toggle similar to BMINSERT for mechanical blocks during the INSERT operation.

Interface Settings

The interface settings toolbar is now positioned to the right of the other toolbars. This is to help aid anyone that switches, from a ribbon workspace to the toolbars workspace, find the interface settings options.
New RIBBONSETTINGSENABLED variable. Toggles the display of the Interface Settings control in the ribbon on/off.
  • SR160004
  • SR170494

License Management

Upon license de-activation, BricsCAD will inform the user to save work-in-process, and the application will close.


It is now possible to create LOFT boolean features.

Manual crash report sending

Next to the automatic sharing of crash report data for users that are part of BricsCAD Analytics, the possibility to send crash information "manually" is implemented. Upon the first application startup after a crash, the crash report sending dialog is popped-up automatically. In this dialog, it is possible to inspect the crash report details. Buttons are offered to either send, or don't send the report of the latest crash. When the "remember" checkbox is turned on, this dialog will never be shown again; i.e., either crash reports are always sent, either they are never sent. The crash report sending dialog is never shown for users who joined BricsCAD Analytics; there, crash reports are sent automatically (if the "application data" setting is turned on). The user choices are stored with a system variable; CRASHREPORTSENDING. Its value can be changed anytime, e.g. in the application Settings dialog. Following information is sent: crash report file, operating system, RAM usage during the crash, a unique identifier of the crash, the application uptime at the time of crashing, whether the user looked into the report details, whether the user chose to automatically send. Optionally, some more explanation about the context of the crash can be provided. The application crash report is extended itself with a sending state variable. (Manual) sending of crash reports can be suppressed by the data collection admin override.

Missing Fonts Notification

Now only missing bigfonts trigger the balloon warning on drawing open
  • SR166152

Parametric Operations

Fixed a bug where the parametric stretch operation did not include all entities, when a Hatch entity had stretch points outside the selection frame.
  • SR170792

Parametric operations and BLOCKCONVERT

Parametric operations, BricsCAD’s alternative to dynamic block actions, have been greatly enhanced and extended, in multiple ways.
  • Support of a parametric scale operation is added, next to parametric flip, stretch, move, and rotate operations, as an equivalent to scale actions in dynamic blocks. These operations can be created using the PARAMETRICSCALE command (or its PSCALE alias) and have a dedicated visualization in the active space. Scale operations can affect and can be affected by any type of other operations. Existing parametric scale operations can be adjusted using the PARAMETRICSCALEEDIT command (or its PSCALEEDIT alias), allowing to change the scale vector or the selection set. These edit options are also available from the right-click menu in the Parameters Manager and the Mechanical Browser.
  • The User Interface and Experience of the linked property of parametric operations has been completed. In the Parameters Manager and in the Mechanical Browser, a linked symbol is displayed next to the parameter name. The parametric operations *EDIT commands are also extended with an option to change the linked property. This option “Edit linked behavior” is added to the right click menus in the Parameters Manager and the Mechanical Browser. In the bottom section of the Mechanical Browser, the “Linked” property is added, and can be turned “On” or “Off”. Functionally, “linked” parametric move operations now behave differently than their “unlinked” variant, when affected by a parametric stretch operation.
  • The visualization of parametric operations is more responsive on zooming in. On Mac and Linux, now the full name of the parameter is displayed with the parametric operation geometry, instead of only the first character.
  • Hovering in model space over block references to large block definitions with a lot of parametric operations, is made much more performant.
  • Points of parametric operations are now also visually marked by an “X” when they are affected by a parametric stretch operation.
  • A new system variable PBLOCKREFERENCEVISUALIZATION (also accessible in the Settings dialog) now controls whether the parametric operation geometries are visualized when hovering over parametric block references in model space.
  • A new system variable POPERATIONSCOLOR (also accessible in the Settings dialog) now controls the color of the parametric operation geometries, both in the active space where they live in, as in model space on block reference visualization.
  • Along with improvements to the parametric operations themselves, the BLOCKCONVERT has been enhanced accordingly, greatly increasing the types of dynamic blocks that can be converted to their parametric counterparts.
  • Scale actions associated with a linear parameter are now supported for conversion and result in a (new) parametric scale operation. Conversion of polar scale actions, or scale actions associated with linear parameters with 2 functional grip points is not supported and is errored out.
  • Scale actions associated with an XY parameter are now supported for conversion and result in a linked, non-exposed parametric scale operation and two parametric stretch operations (resp. along the X and Y directions) that affect the scale operation. Conversion of a polar scale action, or a scale action associated with an XY parameter which is affected by another action is not supported and is errored out.
  • The base point parameter is now supported for conversion and results in all the entities inside the block definitions being transformed so that the parametric block origin corresponds to the dynamic block base point parameter. However, a warning is shown in the BLOCKCONVERT command dialog in these cases, since unlike the original dynamic block, the resulting parametric block will not contain a real “parameter” for the base point. Conversion of a base point affected by an action is not supported and is errored out.
  • Move and stretch actions associated with a polar parameter are now supported for conversion and result in a combination of two perpendicular (resp.) move or stretch operations, aligned with the block X and Y direction, and two other, exposed parameters for the distance and the angle. Conversion of a polar parameter with two active grip points is not supported. Conversion of a scale action associated with a polar parameter is not supported. These cases are errored out.
  • Polar stretch actions associated with a polar parameter are now supported for conversion and result in a combination of 2 operations: a parametric stretch, representing a distance parameter, and a parametric rotate, representing an angle parameter. Conversion of some specific use cases (e.g., interactions with other actions (polar stretch affecting a stretch, scale or rotate) are currently not supported; and are errored out. Conversion of interactions between a polar stretch action and a move or a flip action, is supported.
  • Actions associated with polar parameters with 2 grip points are supported for conversion, and result in 2 parametric operations as if the polar parameter only had 1 grip point. However, a warning message is shown, since the control of the origin point of the polar parameter will be blocked. Conversion of block references to a block with a polar parameter with 2 grip points, that have a non-default origin location, is not supported, even if the “convert block references” option is turned on. In that case, a warning message is printed to the commandline.
  • Action parameters and dimension constraint parameters of list type are now supported for conversion and result in a design table with a single column; its values correspond to the dynamic block list values. Conversion of list parameters used in a block/lookup table is not supported and is errored out.
  • Dimension constraint parameters of increment type are now supported for conversion and result in a user parameter as part of the block definition that contains a formula to simulate increments.
  • When converting an alignment parameter to a reference line in the parametric block, it is ensured that the reference line is sufficiently long to guarantee the desired snapping behavior upon insertion of this parametric block. Conversion of more than one alignment parameter is not supported and is now errored out.
  • Dynamic blocks with multiple actions associated with a single parameter are now converted in a smarter way, and result in multiple parametric operations inside the parametric block definition, and an exposed user parameter that corresponds to the single dynamic block parameter. This parameter name is used in the expression of the operation’s parameters inside the block. Conversion of multiple actions associated with a single parameter is not supported when at least one of them is affected by a stretch or a scale operation.
  • Dynamic block with actions that affect no entities at all are now supported for conversion, if all other block features are supported for conversion, and result in a parametric block without operations that match the empty actions.
  • Non-English (e.g., Cyrillic) characters in parameter names are now correctly supported and are transferred along to the user parameters in the parametric block.
  • A crash is resolved when BLOCKCONVERT tries to convert a block that contains a reference to itself (which is not possible in BricsCAD). Conversion of these blocks is not supported, and correctly errored out.
  • An angular unit conversion issue upon conversion of a block table with a rotate action is resolved. A unit conversion issue upon conversion of a block with a polar stretch, when the block units differ from the active space units, is resolved.
  • Conversion of block references to a block with a point or XY-parameter is not supported, even if the “convert block references” option is turned on. Now, a warning message is printed to the commandline in that case.
  • The User Interface of the BLOCKCONVERT command dialog has been enhanced. The warning/error messages in the list of blocks are replaced by simple yellow/red warning icons (including a tooltip to explain the icon). The warning/error messages themselves are now only shown at the right-hand side, in the shaded yellow/red area. Block icons are added to the items in the list. (i) hover buttons are added to indicate the presence of an explanation tooltip. In the list of block definitions, a tooltip with the block name is only shown when the block name is edited in the list.
  • The BLOCKCONVERT is not accessible anymore in BEDIT mode.
  • The Library Panel is now automatically updated when new parametric block definitions are exported by the BLOCKCONVERT command, and the export path is (a subfolder of) one of the components library paths.
  • SR152383
  • SR153097
  • SR157991
  • SR158475
  • SR158475
  • SR159179
  • SR159501
  • SR159722
  • SR160134
  • SR161457
  • SR163464
  • SR164515
  • SR164996
  • SR164996
  • SR165161
  • SR165401
  • SR165695
  • SR165759
  • SR166497
  • SR166539
  • SR169110
  • SR169931


Stored paper size information from .pmp files can now be read and opened.
  • SR129025
  • SR135844
  • SR136102
  • SR137443
  • SR147048
  • SR152297
  • SR153292
  • SR154175
  • SR154177
  • SR157852
  • SR157853
  • SR163707
  • SR163750
  • SR166453
Added support of modified paper sizes (margins), stored in PMP files.

Properties Panel

Performance of data analysis and display of the Properties Panel has been significantly improved, depending of type and amount of selected entities.


PROPOBJLIMIT limit the number of entities shown in the Properties Panel. This variable is user-configurable and can be set to "off" (0) or any desired number. Additionally, the user has the ability to override the limit within the Properties Panel.


A "purge nested items" option is added to the PURGE command dialog. When this option is enabled, it is not needed anymore to sometimes run PURGE multiple times; since more entities become purgeable after some other entities are purged initially. This option is also added to the "remove unused objects" DWGHEALTH task.
  • SR152956
  • SR159323
  • SR160617
  • SR161437
  • SR165323
  • SR166549


Various commands have been added to the General tab of the Quad, including, but not limited to: COPYCLIP, COPYBASE (point), RECSCRIPT, QUICKCALC, UNDO, REDO and more. The General tab now appears first in the Quad in all workspaces. This makes the Quad feel more familiar to users of the right-click context menu.
  • SR168134
PEDIT commands: Add vertex, Add bulge, Remove Segment, etc., now appear in the Quad when a Polyline is selected as a complete entity and when the segments of the polyline are selected.
Various improvements to what tools appear in the Quad based on the workspace and the entity selected.


Improvements have been made to stabilize the ribbon.
DMTHREAD is now located in the Component Panel of the 3D Parametric tab in the Ribbon, in addition to its previous locations.
In the Ribbon there are now more buttons that allow you to navigate directly to various sections of the Drawing Explorer.
It is now possible to start BricsCAD built-in tutorials via the Help section in the Manage tab of the Ribbon. This command can also be found in the Access Toolbar.

Sheet Sets

There is now a check box that allows you to save a new sheet set to the current drawing's location.
  • SR135981
An additional, details section was added to show/hide a sheet set preview. The rendered preview is stored in a cache.
  • SR157833
  • SR162776
  • SR162776
  • SR162968

Sheet Set Manager

An update button has been added to the Sheetset Manager which updates all information stored in the sheet set data (DST) file, checks all folders in every resource location for new or removed drawing files, and checks all drawing files that are expanded for new or removed model space views.
  • SR162614
  • SR163348

Sketch Based Features, EXTRUDE

It is now possible to create an extrude feature with shared faces from another solid.

Sketch Based Features, LOFT

Introduced error message in commandline when LOFT update fails.
Invalid guide curves are ignored during loft feature creation and geometry is restored if guide curves become invalid after editing.
Normal type is read-only if the 'Ruled' property is turned on.

Sketch Based Features, REVOLVE

It is now possible to change the axis and origin of revolve feature from the Mechanical Browser.

Sketch Based Features, SWEEP

Introduced option for user to create sweep feature by selecting a path using circle profile without a sketch.
Introduced Sweep Booleans (create/subtract/unite) as sketch-based features, and the properties can be updated in the Mechanical Browser when CREATESKETCHFEATURE=1.


Display improvements for splinefit.

Start Page

The Ribbon is no longer displayed on the Start Page. This leaves more space for the most recent drawings.
The "Open - Read Only" functionality has been brought directly the start page. It is located under the "open" button drop-down in the top-left of the Start Page.
  • SR158446
There is now an integrated picker that allows you to change the currently active workspace from the Start Page.
It is now possible to unpin recent files by open time instead of modification time


Added HIDEOBJECTS status bar field to indicate hidden objects
  • SR157583
  • SR165455


It is now possible to choose create/subtract/unite SWEEP boolean features in commandline.
Introduced CTRL toggle to switch between create/subtract/unite SWEEP boolean features.
It is now possible to make the profile orientation follow the path or keep the normal constant during sweep feature creation. Profile orientation can be changed in Mechanical Browser when CREATESKETCHFEATURE=1.
Sweep mode is determined based on the order of profile selection and is solid by default, unless an open contour entity is selected first. A mixed selection of profiles to create a solid and surface in one sweep feature is not possible. Open contour profiles are removed from the selection if a closed contour profile is selected first.


Removed unnecessary zooming when switching cells using the mouse or arrow keys.
  • SR152576
  • SR170878
Copy-paste of table cell(s) with a formula should update the formula according the cell of paste


The Convert to Line and Convert to Arc options of the HATCHEDITEXT command have been added to the Ribbon and the Quad.
  • SR129641
  • SR151515
  • SR162485

User Interface

Various improvements have been made to the user interface, including new tools, fixes to broken tools and additional tools added to the Quad.


Removing a vertex has been improved.
  • SR153990

Improvements to BIM


An angle parameter is added to 'single wall' mode. The CTRL switch is used to increment the angle with 90 degrees. This makes it possible to create walls that are not aligned to X or Y axis.
Polywall: the panel is kept open until the close button is pressed.


4 dynamic dimensions are shown during placement, instead of 2.
4 dynamic dimensions are shown upon selection of column.


Polyline mode has been added to BIMROOF


The background geometry is now correctly added to the resulting section
  • SR134282

BIMWALL on pointclouds

It is now possible to snap a wall to a pointcloud in any direction (used to be limited to X or Y direction.
  • When a wall is scanned on both sides, a thickness is detected, the thickness is used (unless a composition with fixed thickness is used)
  • When a wall is only scanned from one side, the default thickness as defined in the panel
in both cases the wall is aligned with the pointcloud.

IFC Export

Layers are now exported as IfcPresentationLayerAssignment for IFC4 Reference View File Export
  • SR168999

IFC Import

We added an IFC Import Dialog. All IFC Import settings are now readily available when importing an IFC file. We added Setting Profiles to help you optimize you import to your needs. Use the filter to control which IFC types need to be imported. Excluding unnecessary IFC types will speed up the import process.
  • SR149490
  • SR160029


The BIMINVERTSPACES command has been completely revised. A new algorithm has been implemented that retains the original input 3d solids and fills the voids between non-aligned/non-parallel 3d solid faces more accurately. The new algorithm should provide much more satisfactory results for many more use cases, incl. with inclined roofs. The UI of the command panel has been simplified, removing many now redundant parameters


The connection with flow segments will now be preserved when moving a flow terminal with the manipulator.
  • SR98363


Commands to edit components have been added to the Quad in the BIM workspace under the BIM tab of the Quad.

Improvements to Civil

Additional Point File Formats

New point file formats for Civil Points have been added to Civil Explorer.
  • SR164881

Civil Point Editor User Interface

The Civil Point Editor user interface has been added. The Civil Point Editor displays a list of Civil Points with all the point properties. Civil points in the table can be sorted, selected, edited, and deleted.
  • SR156369
  • SR159251
  • SR164321

Edit Civil Points Command

You can edit individual civil points in the Civil Point Editor with the Edit Civil Points command.

Edit GIS Layer

We have introduced a new Edit GIS Layer user interface. Now it is possible to edit GIS layer name, edit field name, and add or remove fields.
  • SR161996


A dialog box for Add Point Groups option for the TINEDIT command has been added.
A dialog box for Add Breaklines option for the TINEDIT command has been added.
A dialog box for Add Boundaries option for the TINEDIT command has been added.
A dialog box for Remove Outer Edges option for the TINEDIT command has been added.
A dialog box for Remove Points Above/Below Elevation option for the TINEDIT command has been added.

Transparent Commands

Angle entry format for "Bearing and Distance" and "Azimuth and Distance" transparent commands now supports decimal numbers that are then converted to degrees, minutes, and seconds (the first two decimal digits represent minutes and the second two represent seconds).
  • SR168971

Improvements to Mechanical 2D


Added the familiar AMBALLOON annotations to a drawing that is fully compatible with the ambom database on existing dwg drawings. Developed One and Auto command options with different behaviors. Enabled placing several balloons at once vertically, horizontally, and by an angle.


We added AMPARTREFEDIT with temporary graphics of part reference symbols with colorization and highlighting. We added a block option to attach a part reference to a block entity. We added a reference option to mark an object as another instance. We fixed diverse bugs related to incorrect behavior of Qty parameter, updating and undo

Improvements to Mechanical 3D


The User Interface and Experience has been completely reworked; simplified, in multiple ways.
  • The BMASSEMBLYINSPECT toolicon is now included in the "Assembly" toolbar.
  • All criterion evaluation computations are now moved to a background thread, making the application more responsive.
  • For the path clearance and tool range of motion criterion, the zoom functionality inside the detailed result panel has been finetuned, to also take the context of the extruded path into account.
  • For the tool range of motion criterion, the tool is now visualized by its start and end position of rotation, and an arrow in between these positions indicating the range of motion.
  • For the visibility criterion, it is now possible to define the viewpoints in the configuration dialog, instead of the 8 hardcoded viewpoints. Further, the images in the panel are now showing what is visible and what is blocked in a more colored and understandable way. For each image, a camera frustum is displayed in model space, clarifying from which viewpoint the image is taken.
  • The previous three-stage command panel is reduced to a single interactive page, in which the assembly sequence can be inspected, a routine with criteria to evaluate can be specified, the global settings and routine editor dialogs can be accessed, and the specific steps to be inspected can be (de)selected. At the bottom, the setup can be inspected, all calculations can be stopped, or the command can be canceled.
  • Every step is represented by a task card, which represents information and multiple actions for that step: a checkbox to (de)select the step for inspection, a thumbnail that contains an activation eye button (to activate the step, i.e., to show the assembly up to that step), the name of the step, and a button to inspect the step.
  • It is possible to expand the task card, showing the list of criteria to be evaluated. Each criterion has an individual "inspect" button. When a criterion has been inspected, it is possible to click the arrow to enter the detailed result panel for this specific criterion in this specific step. Detailed result panels provide detailed numbers of the evaluated criteria, as well as temporary graphics in model space to clarify the results.
  • The "inspect" buttons on step-level, and even criterion-level, allow to inspect as granular as desired. Steps/criteria can be queued for inspection. After having queued a step/criterion, the same button now shows the text "Cancel", allowing to dequeue that specific step/criterion, or to cancel the evaluation of a step/criterion. While the command is calculating, it is not possible to enter the detailed result panel of already inspected steps. When trying to change the assembly sequence or routine, a warning dialog is popped up, since this will cancel the running evaluation and will reset all the current inspection results.
The assemblability criteria have been greatly enhanced and extended.
  • A new criterion to check gravitational stability has been added to the command, the global settings, the routine and the result panels. This criterion checks stability in 3 ways: falling, sliding, and tilting. If parts are falling; sliding and tilting is not considered anymore. In the detailed results panel of this new criterion, partial results for the 3 checks are shown, as well as temporary arrows in modelspace. All parts in a step are considered separately, both in the calculation as in the presentation of the results. This criterion currently has no acceptance ranges.
  • The terminology of the criterion description and acceptance range descriptions have been made custom per rule, instead a general and meaningless percentage score.
  • All criteria now support elements in (top-level) arrays, e.g. all bolts in a (top-level) polar array will now be considered for the tool range of motion criterion.
  • The fastener orientation logic of the tool range of motion criterion has been enhanced, to correctly map the tools (e.g., wrenches) to nuts and other fasteners that are non-bolt like.
  • The performance of the visualization of the results of the path clearance criterion has been enhanced, and now the temporary graphics are always shown when in the detailed results panel.
  • The User Coordinate System when launching the BMASSEMBLYINSPECT command is now used for all calculations during the entire lifetime of the command. This means that there is no impact on the results when turning on/off the UCS during the command.


When the command has created an exploded view, it prompts the "Edit" option as the default one.


Sequences created with BMSEQUENCE now capture a custom camera view when a step is made.
Assembly sequences created by the BMSEQUENCE tool are now more consistent with sequences generated by BMEXPLODE; and both types get correctly read by the BMASSEMBLYINSPECT command.

Exploded Views

When you open an exploded view for editing, the custom camera of the current step is used, if set. Otherwise, the default camera of the exploded view is used, if enabled. Otherwise, the current camera is used.
Improved clarity in exploded views by listing moved parts under relevant steps, enhancing visibility of part movements.


Exploded views are created with a default camera view of the model, which is used when exporting the view to SVG through the ExportSVG command. In the case that this default view is disabled, we have added a warning message notifying the user that the view of the SVG file will depend on the orientation of the original model.

Mechanical Browser

  • Updated context menus of exploded views and their steps.
  • Added "Add a new step after the current" option to the context menu of an exploded view.
  • Renamed "Add a new step" option of the context menu of an exploded view to "Add a new step to the end".
  • Removed "Set as previous" option from the context menu of an exploded view's step.

Merge Exploded View Steps

Exploded view context menu option "Merge with previous" is renamed to "Merge". When initiated the selected range of exploded view steps will be merged into one step. This is also the case through the BMEXPLODESTEPEDIT command line option "Merge".

Improvements to Point Clouds


When a user asks for more base colors in a colormap, these are now interpolated from current colormap instead of adding black colors
  • SR157625

Point Clouds

User can make point cloud transparent.
  • SR98976
  • SR104939
  • SR128773
  • SR134889
  • SR143668
  • SR151962
  • SR160679
  • SR161678
  • SR161741
  • SR164243
Fix snapping to points when using multiple view ports
  • SR162129
Improved preprocessing speed in HSPC mode.
  • SR170007
Added point cloud colormap for Lidar points classification
  • SR162551
Option added to hide out-of-range values when applying colormap to intensities or elevations
  • SR157625

Point Clouds Visual Quality

Performance of point display is improved. Navigating a point cloud (zoom, orbit, pan) is faster. Or you can increase (double) POINTCLOUDPOINTMAX value and keep the same performance resulting in a better visual quality.
  • SR171255


ACIS Data Corruption

Fixed corruption of ACIS data during saving drawing in BricsCAD.
  • SR162392

AEC Custom Objects

We fixed the size of annotative attributes of the AEC_MVBLOCK objects in paper space viewports.
  • SR170927

Annotation Monitor: disable monitor on PAN operation

We fixed a crash when panning in a locked viewport.
  • SR171050
  • SR171069

Annotation Scale

Switching a block definition from non-annotative to annotative in the Drawing Explorer no longer causes the displayed size of block references to change when CANNOSCALE is not 1:1.
  • SR171162

Annotative Parametric Blocks

Fixed a bug where the 'annotative' property of a parametric block becomes no when a parameter value is changed.
  • SR163438


We fixed a crash of the application caused by a particular SHX font.
  • SR159521
Warning and error message dialogs are now centered on the main frame when the floating miniframe command line is active.
  • SR167027

Arc Wall Attach Composition

fixed BIMATTACHCOMPOSITION for arc walls, used to fail in some scenarios.

Architectural Objects

The particular AEC wall is correctly displayed now.


It is now possible to detach an xref whose references have been deleted, without having to unload it first.
  • SR156498
  • SR166543
  • SR170100

Attachments Panel

The nested Xrefs are no longer duplicated in a list when toggled on and off.
Fixed: reload image on changing image saved path in attachment properties


Insertion coordinates input fields are no longer disabled when defining a multiple line attribute definition with middle left or middle right justification.


We fixed text size display for an annotative multiline attribute.
  • SR163037
Annotative attributes based on non-annotative attribute definitions are now positioned correctly in newly added annotation scales.
  • SR164135
  • SR167338


ATTSYNC no longer changes attributes of an annotative block reference that does not support the current annotative scale.
  • SR129978


Special shell commands DEL, SH, SHELL, START, NOTEPAD are now displayed as expected in the AUTOCOMPLETE Panel.

Big Fonts

Fixed: bigfont name is not shown in respective text style in Explorer
  • SR169427


The Autosnap settings are now correctly reset after using BIMQUICKDRAW
  • SR170677

BIM Section Update

The results of BIMSECTIONUPDATE for entities classified as Annotation are now put on dedicated layers in the section result (with separate layers for the background geometry, the section boundary, and the fill).
  • SR164279


It is now possible to flip custom door entities.
  • SR159245


We fixed an issue in the export of property definitions from the BIM Properties Dialog. Now, string properties will be exported and imported correctly, such that you can reuse property definitions in other projects.
  • SR157984
  • SR159249
  • SR165061
  • SR167360
  • SR170392
  • SR170883


The stair elements are now correctly placed when the User Coordinate System is not in line with the World Coordinate System.
  • SR141010


Missing BimTag styles are correctly reported.
  • SR169064
We fixed a crash which could be triggered by switching from manual to automatic mode.
  • SR168229


Fixed bug when changing modes in BIMWALL in foreign languages.
The options of the BIMWALL command now work as expected in the localized version of BricsCAD as well.
  • SR165627
  • SR169274


A block with an action without selection can be converted when all other features of it can be converted.
  • SR166497

Block Definition

Fixed: keep the selection order for attributes on defining a block
  • SR162271


Multiple issues related to geometry with small differences are resolved, including correct use of The BLOCKIFY tolerance when comparing 2D geometry, and handling of line entities with incorrect normal vector.
  • SR114956
  • SR134950
The "match existing blocks" option of the BLOCKIFY command now always retains block references in the correct location (position, elevation, orientation).
  • SR164187
When the input set of the command contains non-uniformly scaled block references, a warning message is printed in the commandline. This is important, since BLOCKIFY cannot handle such cases, so most likely matching geometry will not be detected in such cases.
  • SR166510


Simultaneous editing of attributes across identical blocks are possible within the Properties Panel.
  • SR156485
The block is displayed correctly.
  • SR162164


An issue is fixed where a mechanical assembly is exploded (and the parts are scattered) when setting up a Hierarchical BOM.
  • SR163196


Bolting assemblies are generated correctly again when using the "complete flange Assembly" option in the BMCONNECT command (via both manual selection of fasteners or auto mode).


Resolved error message "ERROR: Failed to save the file." when using BMEXTERNALIZE command with the options sequence "ASk for file names", "No", "Entire model".
  • SR166071


In a scenario where BMREPLACE is used to replace a mechanical block with another using an identical name, we implemented a command line message reading "Block names cannot be equal."
  • SR162228
  • SR163716


Sequences created with BMSEQUENCE command now properly show component visibility when edited through exploded views/BEDIT.
Only mechanical instances are now allowed in the entity selection, to avoid issues further downstream (when using BMASSEMBLYINSPECT).


The command now correctly works if the component name contains a space at the end, or line break spaces in between.

BOM Manager

BOM Manager is now automatically updated when adding or deleting columns.
  • SR149561


Fixed boundary detection bug when entities belong to the scaled inserts.
  • SR164368

Cache on Network Path (UNC)

Fixed the bug when the cache path is a network path
  • SR172149

Civil 3D Compatibility

A particular Civil 3D drawing could not be opened in BricsCAD. This is now fixed.
  • SR155695


A particular Civil 3D drawing file's TIN surface was not being imported/converted. This is now fixed.
  • SR170014

Civil Point

The leader arrowhead of the Civil point label is now annotative.
  • SR164308

Civil Point Label

Decimal digits of Civil point labels are now correctly considered if elevation precision is set to "Drawing".
  • SR164682


Fixed a bug where variables of deleted entities are cleaned.


Fixed: color with index 255 should be properly adjusted accoding to the background color
  • SR163217
  • SR167644
  • SR170943


The drawing tab now reliably displays the drawing name when opening a drawing file from an OLE link in another application.
  • SR168247


We fixed the wrong rotation of window components when a building is rotated in a specific drawing.
  • SR153815
  • SR165009


Fixed a bug where the CONNECT command produced incorrect results on polylines located at a large coordinate difference.
  • SR161884

Context Menus

3rd level submenus now appear on hover a bug was present in previous versions that prevented this.


Fixed a bug that caused mechanical components to be only partially copied.
  • SR156249
Fixed a crash that occurred when copying a detail with DMCOINCIDENT3D and DMCONCENTRIC3D on UNIX devices.
A bug was fixed that created weird behavior of the view when using COPYGUIDED3D on an unconnected solid.


Fixed a bug where COPY/MOVE/DELETE on 3D solids caused a memory leak.
  • SR172663
  • SR173570


New components are now correctly saved into a nested folder when the current category is not a top-level category.
  • SR161164


Resetting the workspace to factory defaults while CMDLINEUSEMINIFRAME=0 is now restoring the docked command panel as expected.
  • SR164500


Fixed a crash that occurred after selecting the center point in the cylinder command.


Dynamic blocks now never loose (geometrical) entities when running the DEPARAMETRIZE command on them.
  • SR151919
A bug is fixed where a dimensional constraint was not properly removed (it was converted into a dimension).
  • SR152487

Display of ACIS Entities

Avoided excessive faceting of small ACIS entities.
  • SR161896


Fixed a bug which resulted in unexpected behavior when angle was changed.
  • SR136357


Fixed a bug to improve the operation time of DMAUDIT.
  • SR167398


Fixed an issue where edges cannot be removed from selection set
  • SR156158
  • SR164805


A number of issues with the dynamic dimensions displayed during DMCOPYFACES were fixed.


Fixed a bug where ruler values were incorrect when the 'swap fixed side' option is selected.


All entities preserve their associativity to a drawing view created in AutoCAD.
  • SR138069
  • SR156331

Dynamic Blocks

Copy/paste of dynamic blocks functions as expected.
  • SR141676
  • SR143375
  • SR157930
When updating/replacing an existing dynamic block definition with another, the Rotation Parameter value is preserved.
The assoc network of the dynamic block, including the assoc path arrays, can be evaluated correctly and opened without any issues.
  • SR152525
Redefining a block preserves the grip position of the stretch parameter.
  • SR158355
  • SR164851
Dynamic Blocks preserve predefined custom parameter state after redefinition.
  • SR158350


Improved export of colors for solids in block references.


Fixed text height of exported dimensions
  • SR164218

Express Tools

We fixed a regression with the TCOUNT command whereby the Overwrite option could produce unexpected results in rare circumstances.
  • SR167220
  • SR168902

External References

- parent xref must be displayed if its nested xref has zero references and has a name conflict with a ordinary block in the host drawing - xref tree representation in Attachment Panel and Explorer are now based on Xref graph

File Menu

The file menu now displays the correct subcategory on hover.
  • SR162418
  • SR163471


A UCS-related problem is fixed; now the WCS is respected when drawing the valid region, from start to end, independent on the state of the UCS.
The logic related to invisible entities, and entities on invisible, frozen and locked layers is enhanced:
  • If an entity is on a frozen layer: FINDOUTLIERS detects it, does not temporarily highlight it; it cannot be moved/deleted
  • If an entity is on a locked layer: FINDOUTLIERS detects it, temporarily highlights it; it cannot be moved/deleted
  • If an entity is on an turned off layer: FINDOUTLIERS detects it, temporarily highlights it; it can be moved/deleted
  • If an entity is invisible (individually): FINDOUTLIERS detects it, temporarily highlights it; it can be moved/deleted


We improved the detection and comparison of SHX font names.
  • SR169185
  • SR170273
  • SR170348


We fixed a bug with exporting empty geometry in case of closed GIS features that caused the exported SHP file to fail to be imported back into BricsCAD.
  • SR168501


Annotative hatch patterns rotate with custom UCS plan view in layout space.
  • SR155089
Part of associative hatch disappears after undo is used on a trimmed hatch has been fixed
  • SR127126
  • SR152494
  • SR161387
Hatch is displayed correctly in paper space.
  • SR126016

Help System

  • We added the 'PNL' keyword for help sections for GUI panels.
  • We updated the URL for the QUICKCALC Panel.


"(default)" was removed from the description of the [0] option in the HIGHLIGHTEFFECT system variable.
  • SR172223


We fixed an issue causing some geometry to be missing in the exported IFC file
  • SR149851
  • SR157598
  • SR158002
  • SR165592
  • SR170106
We fixed the incorrect position of nested blocks when the IFC model is located relative to the global IFC origin.
  • SR158541
We fixed an issue where the angle of the True North direction was not exported correctly.


When excluding IfcWindows or IfcDoors during import, the openings will now be imported
  • SR160029


It is possible to input special characters using the Korean IME.
  • SR128151
Function keys are partially available during dynamic input in Japanese.
  • SR165326


Fixed behaviour of INSERT command : a cancelled insert operation using a .dwg file needs to keep the created BlockTableRecord.
  • SR162982
Fixed a bug where the INSERT dialog didn't automatically save the user's choice to explode blocks.
  • SR158408
Fixed a bug where a block is not inserted when attribute values are not set.
  • SR158003
  • SR158357
Fixed a bug that created an incorrect subtraction when inserting a hole feature with an on-screen specified rotation.
Fixed a bug where "Specify On-screen" rotation option didn't work for BIM components.
Fixed a bug where inserting a form feature for the second time on a flange resulted in an incomplete action.
Fixed a bug where rotation angle and scaling for array were ignored during insert.
We fixed an issue that caused certain annotative attributes to misbehave when changing annotation scale on other platforms.
  • SR161127


The words "point cloud" is now correctly written in all areas of the interface. Previously it was written in a combination of "pointcloud" and "point cloud"


The behavior of the INTERFERE command has been improved when running BricsCAD in multi-threaded mode(s).
  • SR141621

LandXML Import

In some cases, the alignment from the LandXML format was not correctly imported into BricsCAD. It is now fixed.
  • SR157685
Alignment from a particular LandXML file was not being imported correctly. This is now fixed.
  • SR162224
In some cases, errors occurred when importing a TIN Surface from the LandXML file. Some triangles were invisible. This is now fixed.
  • SR171719

Layers Panel

Columns displayed in the Layers Panel and their order are now remembered after BricsCAD is restarted.
  • SR171487
The VP Freeze indication has been fixed and now correctly indicates if a viewport layer is frozen when toggling between viewports.
  • SR171597
The first option from the Layers Panel three dots context menu 'Hide xref layers' has been fixed and now correctly hides xref layers when activated.


The Launcher no longer mentions 'Your trial has ended' even when no trial has been active; also on clicking Activate in Launcher, you can choose to start a trial or activate a license
  • SR130415
  • SR130718
  • SR144718
  • SR145053
  • SR145568
  • SR145998
  • SR161325
  • SR161325
  • SR161411
  • SR161472
  • SR163703
  • SR163900
  • SR164111
  • SR164117
  • SR164572
  • SR165607


Removed the restriction that the loft path needs to make a 90 degree angle with the plane of the lofted profile.
Fixed a bug where the loft feature was automatically created in Layer 0 by default.
  • SR171458


Dynamic UCS setting reverts to state it was in before Manipulate was executed.
  • SR157715
  • SR164301
  • SR165757


Switching windows during a mouse wheel panning operation and then switching back does not cause it to get stuck in panning mode.
  • SR150152
  • SR164350

Mechanical Blocks

We resolved an issue where Mechanical Blocks do not follow the path set in BmFormTemplatePath, during execution of BmForm command.
  • SR159103

Mechanical Browser

Resolved instances where navigating in the Mechanical Browser results in unexpected crashes. Specific scenarios that are resolved; crash when selecting Sheet Metal entities, crash when editing Sheet Metal flanges, crash when navigating between Mechanical Browser and BOM Manager.
  • SR150803
  • SR155726
  • SR167094
The right-click menu in the Mechanical Browser is now correctly closed when exiting BEDIT mode. This fixes an application crash, when interacting with the previously out-of-date context menu after BEDIT mode had closed.
A crash is fixed when deleting an exploded view in the Mechanical Browser during BEDIT mode, by blocking deletion of exploded views when BEDIT is active.
Resolved crash occurring when selecting and deselecting items, while "Show selected" option is enabled.
A crash is fixed when selecting multiple actions in the right-click menu quickly following each other.
An issue is fixed where the units of properties in the Mechanical Browser changed seemingly randomly when interacting with collapsible menus. Now, units in the Mechanical Browser should stay fixed.
"Move step up" and "Move step down" options of the context menu of an exploded view's step respect the exploded view's "Direction" property now.

Menu Bar

The obsolete Insert commands have been replaced in the menu bar.

Menu Macro

Menu macros now display interactive prompts even when MENUECHO is disabled.
  • SR168667


MLeader with a block as a source block immediately updates on redefinition.
  • SR148491
  • SR158356
When a block containing attributes is modified the attribute's value is preserved in the Mleader that has the block set as source block.
  • SR158356

MLN file

MLN file issues has been fixed.
  • SR156818
  • SR157116


Misplacement of MTEXT has been corrected.
  • SR101593

Nearest Distance

Fixed a bug that caused random crashes while displaying the nearest distance pop-up, which is shown when two entities are selected.
  • SR157174


A crash in the Korean and Japanese versions, related to formatting/translation, has been resolved.
  • SR143181


ALT codes now display correct symbols in the panel text fields.
  • SR162642


When trying to create a parameter with the same name as an already existing parameter, a warning is printed to the commandline, that now contains the full name of the parameter, instead of only the first character.

Parameters Panel

The context menu is now displayed in the correct position of parameters in the parameters manager.

Plotter Configuration Editor

Modifying standard paper size crash has been fixed.


PNGOUT, BMPOUT, and TIFFOUT commands honor the current Visual Style.
  • SR156843
  • SR163565
  • SR165359

Point Clouds

Importing point clouds with a very long filename / cache folder name is handled correctly.
  • SR169656
Fixed an issue in the Reference manager displaying a time-out during processing of big point clouds.
  • SR159361
When importing a cropped point cloud, scan positions that do not contain any points are ignored and pre-processing is continued.
  • SR173035

Point Filters

Behaviour when using point filters has been corrected
  • SR161216


Fixed usage of custom paper size width/height/margins limits.
  • SR163699

Project Browser

Fixed a bug when using Asian characters causing a crash.
  • SR170347
BricsCAD no longer crashes after opening a sheet that has a renamed layout (from the BIM Project Browser).

Properties Panel

Fixed a problem with BMINSERT command, inserting a MCAD based dwg file - extra properties in Properties Panel were not shown during insertion operation.
  • SR171817
We fixed a performance issue when selecting many entities with BIM properties in a particular scenario.
  • SR159263
  • SR170008
  • SR171422
  • SR171782
Transparency values can be changed again by typing a new value.
  • SR171464
We solved a crash situation that occurred when a particular drawing was loaded, and the Properties Panel was opened.
  • SR171722
We fixed a regression that could manifest when the Properties Panel and Ribbon were both active. In this situation, closing either the Properties Panel or the Ribbon could crash BricsCAD. This issue was found in V23.2.07.


In case of errors with specific sheets that result in no output file being generated, the command now ends with an error message instead of creating an empty output file when publishing to PDF.
  • SR149325


PUSHPULL was disabled for complex sweep faces to avoid a known limitation in the modeler that causes a freeze.
  • SR100439


'datumPoint' value is taken into account only for baseline and ordinate dimensions.


The BMINSERT command has replaced the obsolete BIMINSERT command in the Quad.
Smart Insert has been added to the Quad. The appearance of the STRETCH, FILLET, CHAMFER and DMTHICKEN commands has been improved to more relevant entity selections. Drawing views are now located under the Draw tab.
  • SR150666
  • SR167615
  • SR168080
MATCHPROP is now available in the Quad under the General section.
  • SR167615


Crash when a particular Xref containing Proxy objects is attached has been fixed.
  • SR169364
Fixed: application crash after Refedit session is closed and if Attachment Panel is open due to the access to an erased object in reactor
  • SR153857
Fixed: application crash on undo after Refedit session is closed and if Attachment Panel is open due to the access to an erased object in reactor
  • SR153857
Fixed: crash after session if Attachment Panel is open due to the access to an erased object
  • SR153857
  • SR169364
  • SR172310
  • SR172354
  • SR172399
  • SR172672
  • SR172804
  • SR172946
  • SR173032
  • SR173041
  • SR173059
  • SR173156
  • SR173430
  • SR173629
  • SR173776
  • SR173836

Relative paths for attachements

Added '.' prefix for relative paths


Fix to typo in Draw Order tool on Ribbon.
Fix of missing label of tool in Ribbon.
Tools now display correctly in the Ribbon at 200% display scaling.
  • SR156897
Layer drop-down now remains a consistent height.
  • SR158023
In the Ribbon, the height of the Layer control Drop down box is consistent, even when multiple entities from different layers are selected.
  • SR166769
The 2D Parametrics tab of the Ribbon in the Modern workspace now fits the minimum screen width. Design tables are now available from the 2D Parametrics tab of the Ribbon in all Modern workspaces

RVT Import

We fixed an issue where some geometry in .RVT files could not be imported correctly
  • SR123899


Fixed a bug where modifying the X scale of a parametric block with Uniform Scale set did not proportionally update the Y and Z scales.
  • SR167003


The behavior and visibility of scrollbars on various dialog boxes has been imporoved.
  • SR161903

Sheet Metal Bend Table

Resolved issue of BricsCAD hanging when erasing Bend table content.

Sheet Set Manager

Fixed: crash on editing sheetset property in Category View tab

Sheet Sets

Fixed regression with automatic opening a sheetset with SSLOCATE mechanizm when user opens a drawing and a copy of this sheetset is already opened in SheetSet Manager
Only one warning message is displayed when BricsCAD is unable to locate sheetset file, regardless of the number of missing files.
  • SR149423
Fixed bug that corrupted dst files on a crash.
  • SR155481
The non-breaking space character (ALT+0160) is now represented correctly in the details section of the Sheet Set Manager.
  • SR156034
AddSheets: a more precise detection if layout is used in a sheetset
  • SR166726
  • SR170859

Sheet Sets Previews

  • >added shared cache for SheetSets Panel previews and AddSheet(s) dialog previews.
  • preview generation in worker thread.
  • SR163640

Sketch Based Features

Fixed a bug where a solid face is split when 3D parameter is changed.
  • SR158854
Fixed an issue that caused some sketch features to persist after their linked solid was erased.
Fixed a bug that deleted sketch entities when feature creation failed.
Fixed a bug that made some revolved sketch based features unresponsive to parameter changes.
Issues involving the update of complex sketch features with subtractions or unions were fixed.
Fixed a bug where 2D sketch parameter was incorrectly displayed as 3D parameter.
Fixed a bug where incorrect base face dependency after UNDO is fixed.
Settings are restored if the selection results in invalid geometry.

Sketch Based Features, EXTRUDE

Fixed a bug where changing the taper angle of a feature created from a face was not possible.

Sketch Based Features, LOFT

It is no longer possible to set the "Ruled" parameter of a loft feature when a path or guide curves are also used, since this parameter is incompatible.
It is no longer possible to set the "Normal type" of a loft feature when a path or guide curves are also used, since this parameter is incompatible.

Sketch Based Features, REVOLVE

Fixed a bug that identified revolve feature as side faces when the revolution axis coincided with a face of the revolved profile.
Fixed a crash that occured when changing the axis or orgin of a revolve feature.


Ghost snap marks appeared when drawing in an avtive paper space viewport.
  • SR165056

Start Page

The search function on the Start Page now works as expected.
A notifications tab has been added to the Start page.
  • SR171473
  • SR172019
  • SR172314
The New drawing... button now functions as expected in the Modeling workspace, when no drawing has previously been opened.
The toolbar is no longer visible when the workspace is changed from Start page.

Super Hatch

Super Hatch has been added to the Menu bar and Ribbon.


Fixed a bug that caused the wrong base point to be used in some cases when the swept profile is a straight line.
  • SR162139
Fixed a bug that resulted in the incorrect update of the sketch feature when sweep alignment is turned off.


Removed useless zooming when switching cells using the mouse or arrow keys.
  • SR152576
  • SR170878
Merging table cells by column or row does not cause the loss of the cell content now.
  • SR162225
recompute table with fields if table BTR contains fields and unsynchronized with table instance

Text Styles

Remove bigfont from text style if TTF font is set as the main font for the style
  • SR163458
  • SR167777

TIN Surface

In the case of large tin surfaces, when an external file is created, we had a problem with TIN Surfaces, which were inserted as block references. The external file was not copied correctly in these cases, causing the program to crash. This is fixed now.
  • SR169070


Multi-row floating toolbars are no longer shifted away from the right edge of the screen during a workspace reload or reset.
  • SR163356
The Parametric Block tool was removed from the Parametric Block Toolbar as the button did not function.

Tool Macro

A pause (\ character) in a CUI tool macro now only pauses for the first point when supplying two points to an angle input prompt.
  • SR161803

Tool Palette

Layer plot style is now set as specified when a tool creates a new layer.
  • SR165772
The plottable property of newly created layers is no longer inverted, and now correctly reflects the 'isNotPlotted' attribute.
  • SR165772
With STARTUP=0, the visible tool palette is now reliably enabled after opening a drawing.
When the icon of a tool in a Tool Palette is changed, the image is now resized and not cropped.
  • SR166596
  • SR166664
  • SR166924
  • SR168287
  • SR170133
  • SR170169

Trailing Lines

Resolved issue where using BMTRAILINGLINES resets the movement of parts in an exploded view.


A bug where after a user action, UNDO generates the message ‘There is nothing to undo.’, was fixed.
  • SR157465
  • SR158702
  • SR160482
  • SR170640
  • SR171041


Resolved issue where VIEWBASE preview is not visible after changing the view orientation.
  • SR163424
  • SR167765
  • SR168024


Fixed an issue where entities were not shown in a viewport if drawing view property geometry was set to 3D.
  • SR160489
  • SR165653


Resolved case when using MOVE on a viewport in paper space, containing a VIEWSECTION line, causes the line to be misplaced.
  • SR153227
  • SR161769
  • SR162123


Nested block references not becoming invisible/visible immediately after the Vpfreeze switch on/off has been fixed.
  • SR167406

Window Select

Selection/highlighting happens only based on visible points. Fixed a bug where using window select in a 'gap' in the point cloud would select the point cloud.
  • SR168307

WMF Export/Import

Fixed: text scale, rotation and width are correctly applied


The lineweights in the .wmf are accurately shown when using WMFOUT in model space.
  • SR156229
  • SR160554
The output of WMFOUT only includes the entities which are visible inside the VIEWPORT.
  • SR158642


Resolved issue where nested XREF structure is not correctly restored, immediately after using Bind on the nested XREF.
  • SR167660



We implemented the Document events ModelessOperationWillStart and ModelessOperationEnded.
  • SR171738
The initial lineweight value has been corrected for a newly created GraphicsSystem.View instance.
  • SR96806
Several PaletteSet events and methods were implemented: Focused, PaletteSetDestroy, PaletteSetTitleBarLocationChange, InitializeFloatingPosition(), and RecalculateDockSiteLayout().
  • SR143982
  • SR143983
  • SR143984
  • SR165291
Application.SetSystemVariable() and GetSystemVariable() are now using the current HostApplicationServices.WorkingDatabase if it has been set.
  • SR145733
  • SR166695
The .NET API was extended to include a BIMPropertySet class, exposing methods which allow developers to create, delete, and manipulate the properties associated with BIM Property Sets.
  • SR145982
  • SR146494
  • SR157831
  • SR164604
We implemented new Internal.DatabaseServices classes EvalGraph, Block1PointParameter, BlockParameterPropertyDescriptorCollection, BlockParameterPropertyDescriptor.
  • SR157621
Editor.GetEntity() now ignores erased entities instead of throwing an exception.
  • SR158909
Editor.SetCurrentView() now redraws the display as expected when it is called from within a point monitor event handler. In addition, a new function Editor.ClearVectors() has been introduced as a narrower and more efficient way to remove temporary graphics during dragging operations.
  • SR163849
Database.Cannoscale now ignores the active model space viewport in paperspace and returns the overall database annotation scale.
  • SR165253
AdWnd.RibbonToggleButton.CheckState error fixed
  • SR166742
  • SR166950
We improved performance of SelectionSet instances containing a large number of items.
  • SR169855
Pressing Enter in response to Editor.GetEntity() now returns the expected result when a default keyword was provided for the prompt.
  • SR163837


We implemented the following AModeler functions: Face::removeEdge(), Body::addFace(), Body::removeFace(), Face::removeEdge(), Face::addEdge(), Face::setEdgeLoop(), Face::setNext(), Face::setPrev(), Edge::addAfter(), Edge::remove().
  • SR168127
We implemented AModeler::Vertex::transform(const Transf3d&)
  • SR168127
We implemented AcDbAssocEvaluationCallback and related AcDbAssocManager member functions.
  • SR168757
AcDbDatabase::getFilename() no longer returns the autosave filename after autosave occurred.
  • SR170823
The AcDbDynBlockReference constructors are now working reliably when accessing an erased block reference.
  • SR171707
We implemented the AModeler::Body::moveFace method.
  • SR96051
We fixed an exception when calling AcDbTable::getIterator() with first argument nullptr.
  • SR172044
Setting dimension style to a new AcDbLeader now applies the style to any existing dimension variable settings.
  • SR43188
We enabled 3D snap intersection for derived AcDb3dSolid entities.
  • SR91445
Calling acdbBindXrefs() now creates new dictionaries in the host drawing without the xref prefix.
  • SR139977
Regions created from 3d polylines with AcDbRegion::createFromCurves() are now returned with normal depending on whether the input polyline direction is clockwise.
  • SR145992
The acplPublishExecute() function now logs and skips uninitialized layouts when publishing to PDF.
  • SR149320
Undo grouping is now restored correctly after a custom command disables undo, then enables it again before ending.
  • SR160721
The acdbPostDimAssoc() function now performs extra processing for trans-spatial associative dimensions to ensure that viewport scale is correctly applied.
  • SR160809
We added several missing methods to the AcDbExtents2d class.
  • SR163965
The custom entity support for dynamic coordinate systems was broken for some entity classes that have an AcDbDynamicUCSPE protocol extension. It is now working again for all classes.
We fixed a problem that caused AcGiDrawable::subRegenFlags() overrides to be called only for custom classes derived directly from AcGiDrawable.
  • SR164538
During AcEdJig::drag(), polar snap tracking lines are now based around the current input acquisition base point.
  • SR165226
The WM_HELP message no longer opens the BricsCAD help window when a modeless dialog handles the message for its own context help.
  • SR165442
Custom polyline classes now work correctly when associating radius dimensions to curved segments.
  • SR165736
AcDbPointCloudClassificationColorRamp has been implemented.
  • SR167722
AcDbPointCloudDefEx has been fully implemented.
  • SR131369
  • SR167727
AcDbPointCloudColorMap has been fully implemented.
  • SR167724
AcDbPointCloudEx::getPointDataByPointCount() now supports more advanced filtering.
  • SR129574
  • SR167726
We fixed several incompatible associative dimension behaviors after using AcDbOsnapPointRef to attach the dimension to a vertex of a polyline.
  • SR167609
The CAdUiDockControlBar and CAdUiPaletteSet persisted size is only affected by the bar's normal restored state size, and size in minimized state is ignored.
  • SR168439


We implemented some missing GraphicsSystem.Manager methods.
  • SR89281
The AcDbDatabase::purge() and Database.Purge() methods no longer treat Xref blocks as purgeable.
  • SR123144
We fixed a cloning crash that could occur in an unusual context inside an object overrule.
  • SR144008
When creating a vertical dimension, text that is placed outside the dimension lines is now positioned on the correct side of the dimension.
  • SR114720
The BIM IFC export options now include a setting for MVD type.
  • SR171938

BrxCvDbPoint - fullDescription

Setting 'rawDescription' now also sets the 'fullDescription, until the parsing of raw description is implemented.
  • SR164057
  • SR164188
  • SR164318


The NCOPY, BEXTEND, BTRIM, & MSTRETCH commands will now open the appropriate online help article when the user presses F1.
  • SR163222
The NCOPY command has been enhanced to permit copying nested custom objects.
  • SR168500
The MSTRETCH command prompts were clarified and F1 context help was corrected.
The SUPERHATCH command was improved to resolve an error arising when the supplied internal point was located outside of the object boundary.
  • SR169967
REDIR command now accepts empty input for the target path, to allow the original path to be removed (stripped) for the image/xref/style/rtext entity.


Implemented a new Geo LISP API which provides access to a set of geo transformation functions facilitating the translation of a point or set of points from one coordinate reference system to another.
  • SR155461
  • SR158449
The (bim:get-allspaces) function now returns expected results when no parameters are supplied or when operating on an older drawing containing BIM Rooms.
  • SR157247
Extended the LISP API for more Civil TinSurface interface functions.
Lisp defined commands now override system variables of the same name when the command is entered at the command line.
  • SR169016
Calling (command) with embedded (entget) is now behaving as expected.
The VLE Library emulation file (vle-extensions.lsp) has been updated to ensure that no error messages are encountered when the library is loaded in CAD programs running on a Mac platform, and to ensure functions which are not available on AutoCAD LT are not defined when the library is loaded in such environments.
The BLADE Lisp Console will now honor the auto-completion setting set in the BLADE Preferences.
The (setpropertyvalue) function has been enhanced to accept either a user facing transparency value or a DXF style transparency value when setting the Transparency property for an object.
  • SR169826
Implemented functions (vla-ConvertToStaticBlock) and (vla-ConvertToAnonymousBlock) for Windows/Linux/Mac.
  • SR146706


We fixed a crash in the selection prompt keyword handling code that could occur during a nested selection prompt.
  • SR169823


Version 24.1.08

Improvements to Point Clouds

Colormap elevation

It is now possible to set Z-min and Z-max when using the elevation option for colormap.
  • SR126299


BIM Section Update

We fixed an issue that caused BIMSECTIONUPDATE to crash in a specific scenario.
  • SR159263


Fixed bug that where DWGCOMPARE did not recognize a drawing selection from the Drawing Compare panel.
  • SR169059


Bug creating a scaled down block when perspective property is on has been fixed.
  • SR163329
  • SR169888

Mechanical Browser

Resolved instances where navigating in the Mechanical Browser results in unexpected crashes. Specific scenarios that are resolved; crash when selecting Sheet Metal entities, crash when editing Sheet Metal flanges, crash when navigating between Mechanical Browser and BOM Manager.
  • SR150803
  • SR155726
  • SR167094


Crash related to the usage of global database MLEADER style in MT mode has been fixed.

Parametric Operations

Fixed a bug to support DXF export for a file with parametric operations.
  • SR168305


Improved performance by reducing delays when hovering over block references in large drawings.
  • SR169931

Point Cloud

Fixed wrong URL for the Pointcloud Classify button. It now opens the Help Center article 'POINTCLOUDCLASSIFY command'.
  • SR164672
  • SR166144
  • SR166150
  • SR166299


The ribbon button now works as expected when the classifier is installed correctly. When updating from a previous V24 install it might be needed to update the CUI file.


Crash after Purge and close has been fixed.
  • SR166165
  • SR166851
  • SR167751
  • SR167860
  • SR168090
  • SR168274
  • SR169975
  • SR169985
  • SR170136
  • SR170483
  • SR170594
  • SR170629


Fixed a crash on placing a model view. Sheet set lock is added for the operation

Status Bar Balloon

The notification balloon no longer displays over other active application windows.
  • SR170680


Fized a bug where segments were incorrectly highlighted when zoomed in or out.
  • SR163066


We added more details error information in case of a VBA runtime initialization failure.
  • SR145620
  • SR147541
  • SR154920
  • SR156942
  • SR159197
  • SR159347
  • SR161558



We fixed a bug that caused a failing cast to SweptSurface.
  • SR168947
We fixed an exception in GeoCoordinateTransformer.Create().
  • SR169481
Access to HLR result entities via HlrData.RootEntity is now possible for the entire lifetime of the containing HlrCollector instance.
  • SR169503


We implemented AModeler::Body::getPhysicalEdgesAndVertices().
  • SR168127


Automatic parsing of prompt keywords now ignores spaces at the beginning and end of prompt keywords enclosed in square brackets.
  • SR169287


Resolved an issue where the ActiveX setblockattributevalue32 method would report as being applicable to an object but would return an error on execution with valid parameters.
  • SR169242


Version 24.1.07

Improvements to BricsCAD


Introduced system variable 2DCONSTRAINTFLAGS to trigger constraint solving logic from older versions of BricsCAD.
  • SR163045
  • SR166196
  • SR167159


The broken "Remove Vertex" tool has been removed from the Ribbon.

Improvements to BIM


Property namespaces can now be deleted from within the BIMPROPERTIES Dialog

IFC Import

We fixed the incorrect position of nested blocks when the IFC model is located relative to the global IFC origin.
  • SR158541


The 'Connect with nearest' option can now also be used from the Ribbon without preselecting faces.
  • SR116711

Improvements to Point Clouds


Point Clouds no longer interfere with commands like FILLET and CHAMFER.
  • SR148055
  • SR167758
  • SR168307



A bug in the BricsCAD.Bim.AnchoredBlocks.QueryValidAnchorPt(...) (Managed .NET) and BimApi::queryValidAnchorPt(...) (BRX) functions, causing an empty FullSubentityPath to be returned, was fixed.
  • SR167997


Fixed a crash when BLOCKCONVERT command is initiated or cancelled.
Fixed a bug resulting in wrong stretch and flip lines with parametric operations designed prior to v24.
  • SR167298


Fixed a crash that occurred when switching the insertion type to external during insertion of a mechanical block.
  • SR163697
  • SR168518


Late bound ActiveX calls to IAcadHatch.AppendOuterLoop() are no longer failing with a missing argument error.
  • SR166926
  • SR167165
  • SR167364
  • SR168360

Command Line

Entering a command shortcut to set a system variable is working again.
  • SR167367
  • SR167566
  • SR167653
  • SR168357


Crash has been fixed
Fixed crashes happening during copy-paste of blocks with parametric operations designed prior to v24
  • SR165306
  • SR166608
  • SR167112

Drawing Explorer

Fixed the truncated "Maximum leader points" label on localized versions.
  • SR133011


Fixed an issue where newly created routines could not be saved in the localized vesions of BricsCAD.
  • SR167247

External References

Nested xrefs are not incorrectly purged on open if their top xref is not yet loaded (ex. invisible)
  • SR155133

Help pages

Fixed specific help page URLs for some commands run from drawing explorer.


The installer has been adapted to include the spatial localisation path. This prevents a crash on open in Korean/Chinese/Japanese versions.


The loft command no longer allows a preselection containing multiple loft profiles.

Manage Point File Formats

After creating or editing Surface file formats or Point file formats in localized versions, formats are now correctly displayed in Civil Explorer again.
  • SR166478
  • SR166479
  • SR166482

Menu Bar

The BMINSERT command has replaced the redundant BIMINSERT command in the Menu bar.


Fixed a bug that caused some block references to be moved twice during the move command.
  • SR151277
  • SR153815
  • SR160998
  • SR165009
  • SR168240


Drawings open correctly on Korean/Chinese/Japanese Window versions.
  • SR150830
  • SR154580
  • SR161952
  • SR162796
  • SR163733
  • SR164697
  • SR166840


UNDO now works correctly after the usage of POINTCLOUDCROPSOLID
  • SR167276


Width factor of text entities using shx fonts is taken into account while printing
  • SR162417


Now, when published in the background mode, Sheetset fields are accurately evaluated. Additionally, temporary folders are automatically removed following a background publish.
  • SR167347


Expressions are now correctly evaluated.


Opening the ribbon file menu repeatedly no longer produces a crash.
  • SR166927
  • SR166932
  • SR166932
  • SR167007
  • SR167221
  • SR167665
Fixed the "Log in" functionality in the AI Assist ribbon tab, on localized versions, by calling the global -LOGINUSAGEDATAPROGRAM command.
  • SR165522

Sheet Generation

We fixed an issue causing some missing elevation hatches during Sheet Generation
  • SR119507

Sheet Sets

BricsCAD no longer crashes when a subset with nested subsets in SheetSet tree is removed.

Sketch based features, Extrude

Fixed a bug that created the wrong geometry when changing the height of a subtracted extrude feature so that it cuts all the way through the parent solid.

Sketch based features, REVOLVE

Fixed a bug that created the wrong geometry when updating the angle of a revolved sketch feature by exactly 180 degrees.
Fixed a bug that created a wrong geometry when changing the angle of a revolved sketch feature by a large value.
Fixed a bug that caused problems when changing the "Both sides" option of a revolved sketch feature with a revolution angle larger than 180 degrees.

Start Page

Fix a crash in the Qt Start page that happens when the user's Templates folder is missing.
  • SR164167



We implemented DatabaseServices.MLeaderStyle.ExtendLeaderToText property.
  • SR165840


We fixed a bug that resulted in AcDesignTable::getAllDesignTables() incorrectly returning eInvalidIndex in certain cases.
  • SR160003
We implemented Adesk::Boolean AcGeSurface::isOn(const AcGePoint3d&, AcGePoint2d&, const AcGeTol&) function.
  • SR165309
We implemented the missing AcGePointOnCurve3d::point(double) and AcGePointOnCurve3d::point(const AcGeCurve3d&,double) functions.
  • SR165309
Numerous AcGeKnotVector member functions have been implemented.
  • SR165309
We implemented the missing AcGePointOnSurface functions.
  • SR165309
We implemented the AcGeCurveBoundary class.
  • SR165309
We implemented the missing AcGeExternalBoundedSurface::getContours(int&,AcGeCurveBoundary*&) function.
  • SR165309
We implemented AcGeExternalCurve3d methods: isNurbCurve(), isOwnerOfCurve(), setToOwnCurve(), isRay(), isEllipArc(), isCircArc().
  • SR165309
We implemented AcGeEllipArc3d::AcGeEllipArc3d(const AcGeEllipArc3d&) constructor.
  • SR165309
Support has been added for custom classes derived from AcDbAssocActionBody.
  • SR165633


The command autocomplete popup is now populated with all commands from multiple demand load registry keys using the same application name.
  • SR166197


We fixed a stability issue causing sporadic Lisp crashes after use of (vlax-release-object).
  • SR148938
  • SR167067
  • SR167297


The (bim:get-assignedprofile) function has been corrected to return profile name that includes a size, same as in V23.
  • SR168488


Version 24.1.06

Improvements to BricsCAD


OdEdSettingsReactor, OdEdSettingsManager: removed references to internal classes.


Audit and cleanup of 2D constraints have been improved.


QLATTACH command now provides clearer error messages.
  • SR165531
Fixes a massive performance issue in Propulate_>Edit, when large amount of attributes are to be added to the combobox.
  • SR166296

Proxy Server

Proxy server settings are added to Bricscad in SETTINGS dialog.
  • SR153616
  • SR154267

Sketch-based Features

Created new REMOVESKETCHFEATURE command, which undoes all the side effects of having CREATESKETCHFEATURE enabled.
  • SR163680

Improvements to BIM

24/7 Panel

The previous description is now pre-filled in the description field when uploading a new version.
  • SR142362

IFC Import

We implemented some correction mechanisms that allow importing certain invalid IFC files. When default values are used to fix missing data, the user will be informed in the log file.
  • SR117312
  • SR122021
  • SR160279
  • SR160905



Fixed the rendering of special characters within the text of the command's dialog box.
  • SR165172
  • SR165383


Fixed a reauthentication related crash that occurred in a particular case.

Attachment Panel

The attachment panel is updated immediately after an Xref/attachment is bound/inserted.
  • SR153320
  • SR156116
  • SR156674


Fixed crash happening during balloons' associativity evaluation.

BCF Panel

It is now possible to add special characters in issue comments and titles.
  • SR152253


When an anchored block is moved to the edge, it no longer jumps to the adjacent face.
  • SR165864


Fixed BIMINSERT preview flickering occurring while positioning the block.


We fixed a drop in performance when adding BIM Tags to a particular drawing.
  • SR164285


Now the command's list of blocks contains only blocks local to the current file (no Xrefs).
  • SR165165
Crashes no longer occur on files with dead dblock actions references.
  • SR166497


Fixed a crash that occurred when switching the insertion type to external during insertion of a mechanical block.
  • SR163697


Improved compatibility and cross-platform support for DCL files:DCL engine now supports .dcl files using UTF-8 encoding, with and without BOM.


Dimensions between Centermarks and Centerlines are now created associative in Model & Paper Space.
  • SR158270
  • SR159489


Fixed a bug that caused weird behavior when using Push/Pull on a boundary with no underlying solid.

Drawing Explorer

Drawing Explorer no longer displays an error message when clicking on External References category.
  • SR166409
  • SR166517

Dynamic Blocks

Fixed the location of the rotation grip point in complex dynamic blocks.
  • SR155245


Fixed usage of translated ExpressTools DCL dialogs:loading of temporary .dcl files could fail on particular environments, now solved by using UTF-8 encoded .dcl files.

External References

Fixed an issue with Xref paths, are now no longer lost in XATTACH dialog if set Relative or Absolute.
  • SR162791
  • SR163833
  • SR166393
  • SR166456
  • SR166487
  • SR166552
  • SR166561
  • SR166666
  • SR167036


EXTRUDE dynamic dimension uses ADAPTIVEGRIDSTEPSIZE system variable value again.
  • SR161870


The expression of a field linked to a sheet set view/property is updated correctly when the view/property is deleted.
  • SR156954


Added support of HZFS.SHX as a bigfont for Chinese simplified.
  • SR159471


The link to download more coordinate systems now points to the correct V24 help page.
  • SR166172
  • SR166217


The hatch dialog now works correctly with localized hatch names.
  • SR167143


Properties with Ifc type IFCCOUNTMEASURE are now defined as integers.


Fixed a bug that caused the value of INSNAME system variable to be ignored by the Insert Block dialog.
  • SR165011


We fixed a crash that occurred in certain cases when closing an external application document with an OLE embedded drawing.
  • SR164835

Point Cloud

Fixed wrong URL for the Pointcloud Classify button. It now opens the Help Center article 'POINTCLOUDCLASSIFY command'.
  • SR164672
  • SR166144
  • SR166150
  • SR166299


"Print As PDF" now saves the file with the correct extension on localized versions.
  • SR166875


Fixed a crash occurring in multithreaded mode for Leader objects with MText annotations.
  • SR157061

Settings Variables

Fixed variable display issue where titles were replaced with variable names in Settings dialog.
  • SR163297


Shape no longer hangs when opening or saving a drawing.
  • SR163297
  • SR166970


Fixed a data link update issue, now content-locked cells are also updated.
  • SR166124
  • SR166394


Fixed a problem with Undo operations occurring after changes from combo boxes located in toolbars and ribbons.
  • SR164794



LayerViewportProperties.Transparency has been implemented.
  • SR144029


We fixed a crash that could occur in certain cases after casting an AcDbSymbolTableIterator to AcDbLayerTableIterator.
  • SR166996
AcDbBlockTableRecord::appendAcDbEntity() and AcDbEntity::setDatabaseDefaults() no longer reset entity visibility.
  • SR166999


Demandload registry keys in the HKLM registry hive are no longer ignored when populating the command autocomplete popup.
  • SR166197


The (bim:ifc-exportfile) LISP function has been enhanced to support the options IfcTesselateBSplineCurvesAndSurfaces, IfcExportSweptSolidsAsBRep, IfcExportProfileCenterOfGravity, and IfcCreateUniqueGuid, and to accept an additional optional fourth argument to control the Model View Definition (MVD) used for the export.


Version 24.1.05

Improvements to BricsCAD

Access Toolbar

The Access and Access 3D toolbars have been optimized, with fewer tools. The old Access toolbars are still available with the (legacy) marker.

AI Assist

We have generated a generic "other relevant commands" model which provides relevant command suggestions in the AI Assist ribbon tab for everyone. Upon joining BricsCAD Analytics, you get to see this generic model, awaiting our Machine Learning pipelines to have generated a personal other relevant commands model based on your personal application usage.
An improved algorithm is introduced, suggesting next potential design commands based on your interaction with BricsCAD via quad, commandline, ribbon, menu and toolbars. These suggestions are presented in a dedicated AI Assist ribbon tab. To access these personalized suggestions, you need to join BricsCAD Analytics, which you can do directly from the AI Assist ribbon tab.
Improved responsiveness of AIAssist by immediately showing suggestions (when available), and removing the need for application restart.

AI Assist Ribbon

It is now possible to turn the AI Assist ribbon tab on or off in the .CUI files, e.g. via the CUI editor.

Annotation Monitor

ANNOMONITOR marks disassociated dimensions/leaders/mleaders with a small image badge. To control this display, the ANNOMONITOR variable has been added.
  • SR145153
  • SR157491


Clicking on a drawing window to activate BricsCAD's main application window no longer registers the mouse click as a drawing view event.
  • SR153677


We removed the 'Show draggers' switch from the command context panel as the draggers are always displayed now.


Implemented BEdit for Array Source blocks.
  • SR134143
A new BEdit Source option was added to the ARRAYEDITEXT command.

Associative Dimensions

Added support of constraint based associative dimensions created by AutoCAD for ACIS entities.
  • SR117242

BricsCAD Analytics

BricsCAD Analytics - the former BricsCAD Usage Data Program - is now turned on by default during the free 30-day Trial period for BricsCAD. This is how the trial user will be informed:
  • The Bricsys End User License Agreement (EULA) informs the user that sharing anonymous application data is "on" by default during the trial period.
  • During the trial, the BricsCAD Launcher presents the user with additional data about BricsCAD Analytics and the sharing of anonymous application data with Bricsys.
  • At any point during the Trial, the user can go to the Analytics Settings to change their preferences, or to stop sharing data with Bricsys.
  • After the free Trial ends, if a BricsCAD license is activated via a valid license key, the user will be re-informed of the program, and that their installation is sharing anonymous application data with Bricsys.
  • In summary, licensed users can explicitly choose to join the BricsCAD Analytics program, or not share usage data with Bricsys.
The "Analytics Settings" dialog can now be closed without changes via a dedicated "Cancel" button.


We've added a powerful, in-product calculator to BricsCAD, at your request.
  • SR12988
  • SR26695
  • SR27282
  • SR29304
  • SR34225
  • SR37214
  • SR39093
  • SR39127
  • SR39127
  • SR68790
  • SR81308
  • SR89544
  • SR118068
  • SR129647
  • SR131043
  • SR142028
  • SR143043
  • SR148605
  • SR150891
  • SR151587
  • SR152867
  • SR152917
  • SR152923
  • SR152933
  • SR152935
  • SR152940
  • SR152943
  • SR152946
  • SR152950
  • SR152953
  • SR152954
  • SR152960
  • SR153758


COPYGUIDED3D now supports the copying of constraints which lie partially on detail entities and partially on reference entities.
A tweak was made to the COPYGUIDED3D algorithm that helps it to perform better in some specific cases.


When selecting two arcs, or an arc and a line, the command will now connect both ends if possible.

Context Menu

More Polyline editing tools can now be found in the context menu when a polyline is selected.
  • SR155012


Fixed undesirable rotation direction change of 2D angular constraint at boundary values.
  • SR139729

Default Settings

In the BIM and Civil workspaces the setting "DMPUSHPULL subtract" is now turned off by default. This means that a solid that intersects with another solid, no longer subtracts the intersecting areas from the other solid when the DMPUSHPULL command is used on the first solid. To turn subtract back on, change the DMPUSHPULLSUBTRACT system variable to ("On" or "1").
  • SR155560
The default crosshair size has been increased. To return to the legacy size, change the CURSORSIZE system variable to 3.
Entities used to subtract from a base 3D solid, a.k.a. "tool bodies", are no longer deleted after the SUBTRACT command. To revert to the legacy behavior, change the DELETETOOL system variable to 'On (1)'.
The selection highlight effect has been made brighter to improve its visibility. The system variables affected are HIGHLIGHTCOLOR, HIGHLIGHTEFFECT and GRIPCOLOR.
The snap marker color has been changed from red to green and the snap marker size is now slightly larger. The default settings of the SnapMarkerSize and SnapMarkerColor system variables have been changed.
Points are now displayed on screen as a crosshair. To change this behavior, use the PDMODE system variable.
The DELOBJ system variable is now off by default. Source entities used to create 3D solids (with commands such as EXTRUDE, REVOLVE and LOFT) are retained and no longer deleted. To change to the legacy behavior (delete source entities) , set the DELOBJ system variable to 'Delete profile entities' (1).
The Manipulator is now colored to match the XYZ axis colors. The MANIPULATORCOLORTHEME system variable was changed.
The default setting for the ORBITAUTOTARGET system variable is now that the view rotates around the currently selected entities. If no entities are selected, the view rotates around all entities in the drawing. To change this behavior, turn the ORBITAUTOTARGET system variable off.
  • SR154929
The default solid selection modes is now entire solids, not sub-entities, for all workspaces. You can hold the Ctrl key during selection to select sub-entities. You can also change the selection mode in the Ribbon and on the Quick Access toolbar.


The performance of some direct modeling tools were noticeably improved in specific cases.
  • SR131489


The cursor now has a magnet behavior during drag actions (MOVE, ROTATE, MIRROR, etc.). This helps visualize the target location of the entity that is being modified.
  • SR126321


Managing existing routines, creating new routines and working with custom (a.k.a. not-yet-saved) routines has been made more straightforward.
Now the command allows you to duplicate, delete, export or import multiple routines in one go.
The default routines have been improved. It's now easier than ever to reduce your file size and fix errors in your drawings with BricsCAD's unique DWGHEALTH workflow.

Export Layout

Fixed dimension text size and textstyle text height when exporting layouts.
  • SR145197


EDITTIME command has been implemented.
  • SR161844
  • SR162759
Improved LAYWALK compatibility : now the last layer being selected becomes the current layer, if "Restore On Exit" is Off.
  • SR163816


Font rendering for Qt components on the Windows OS has been switched to native mode. This should result in a crisper, less blurry font display.
  • SR132842
  • SR133768
  • SR135238
  • SR138281
  • SR143301
  • SR148893
  • SR151886
  • SR153428
-A GUI dialog was added to map fonts globally in the active BricsCAD session. New mappings are allowed for both missing and/or found fonts. The new mappings are not stored in text styles, yet the new mappings are applied to all drawings opened in the BricsCAD session.
  • SR143639
  • SR144978
  • SR147216
  • SR151931


The command dialog's user interface was improved. The insertion of external mechanical blocks with the INSERT command is now supported.
The dynamic dimensions shown during block insertion were improved: when inserting a block on a face with DUCS active, distances to all face edges are shown. This was already the case when inserting BIM components and has been generalized to all blocks.
The insertion of BIM components and TopViewModeling is now supported by the INSERT command.
The INSMODEAUTO setting was removed, and the INSMODE setting was introduced. Now, the INSERT dialog's INSMODE setting specifies whether or not to use some advanced actions (e.g., drawing of dynamic dimensions and allowing specific options). When INSMODE is set to 1, the default mode of the INSERT dialog will use the advanced options. When it is set to 0, the advanced options will not be used.

Insert Dialog

The drop-down menu with block names now filters out the block names that start with the letters typed in the text box to make it easier to find blocks in the list.
  • SR150143
  • SR155986

Layers Panel

The icons in the Layers panel have been tweaked. Also, the blue "+" button for adding layers has been removed. #notaniphone
  • SR155058
  • SR158023

LOFT Sketch-based Feature

An experimental sketch-based feature for use with the LOFT command is introduced in V24. It can be created if the CREATESKETCHFEATURE setting is "on". This feature allows users to change the parameters of created solids (e.g., ruled mode, normal type and draft angles) and modify the sketch, the path and the guide rails that generated said Loft.


The new LookFrom widget can be enabled (as a beta preview) using the USENEWLOOKFROM system setting. It is disabled by default.
The new LookFrom widget offers a more dynamic way to change the view in model space.

Mass Properties Panel

Option enabled to show Mass calculations in the Properties panel when multiple 3D solids and surfaces are selected.
  • SR156147
  • SR156313
  • SR156440
  • SR156611
  • SR161026


Next to the existing implementation of gap closing logic, two new gap closing "policies" have been added:
  • "Only trim and extend": this mode will close gaps, while always maintaining the direction of the lines.
  • "Add connecting lines": this mode will leave existing lines unaltered but will add small extra lines to connect the end points (with the same database properties of the to-be-connected lines).
  • The original smart gap closing behavior is still accessible, through the "Automatic" mode.
Several issues with the optimization of lines connected to arcs have been resolved:
  • Two gaps, at both ends of an arc, with the same line will now be correctly closed (if the gap tolerance is large enough).
  • Arcs with reversed normals are now correctly handled. A more intelligent algorithm has been implemented, handling the following cases more accurately:
  • An arc connected to 2 parallel lines, 1 at each endpoint of the arc; or, an arc connected to 2 non-parallel lines, 1 at each endpoint of the arc, where the angle of the arc is more than 180°
  • An arc connected to 1 "fixed" and 1 "free" line at a single endpoint, where the arc is perpendicular with the free line in 3D mode, OPTIMIZE (in preview mode or via the "Finish" button) now correctly finds sub-optimal faces, even when the highlight option is turned off. The gap visualization, i.e., the red disks, are now always correctly updated when changing parameters and toggling options.
  • SR154380

Parametric Actions Edit

The PARAMETRICSTRETCHEDIT, PARAMETRICMOVEEDIT, PARAMETRICROTATEEDIT and FLIPLINEEDIT commands have been added to edit existing Parametric actions. Options have been added to the right-click menus in the Parameters Panel to edit parametric actions.

OS Support

BricsCAD V24 supports the Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 operating systems.


The User Experience of the PARAMETRICBLOCKASSIST command that converts AutoCAD dynamic blocks to BricsCAD-native parametric blocks, has been enhanced.
  • The default name of this command has been changed to "BLOCKCONVERT". The access points "PARAMETRICBLOCKASSIST" and "PBLOCKASSIST" still exist as aliases.
  • Pre-selection of dynamic block references is now supported, meaning that the dynamic block definitions behind the selected references will be automatically selected in the BLOCKCONVERT command dialog, and the option to convert references will be automatically toggled.
  • The discoverability of BLOCKCONVERT is improved: when trying to BEDIT a dynamic block (which is not allowed), the user will be prompted to convert the dynamic block to a parametric block with BLOCKCONVERT first, in order to be able to BEDIT that new parametric block. Further, when selecting one or multiple dynamic block references in model space, the BLOCKCONVERT tool icon is presented to the user in the QUAD.
The conversion functionality of BLOCKCONVERT has been extended as well.
  • Dynamic blocks that contain linear parameters with 2 grip points, of which 1 is not in use, are supported for conversion.
  • Dynamic blocks that contain move actions, are now converted to parametric block with parametric move operations, instead of parametric stretches.
  • Dynamic blocks that contain rotate actions are supported for conversion, thanks to the new parametric rotate operation.
  • Dynamic blocks that contain "chained actions" are supported for conversion, thanks to the new linked property of parametric operations.
  • SR154190
The command will now use the Parametric Move action to convert dynamic blocks' move actions.
The PBLOCKASSIST functionality was extended with the conversion of dynamic block rotate actions to BricsCAD parametric rotate actions.

Parametric Blocks

A lot of enhancements to Parametric Blocks have been implemented in BricsCAD V24:
  • Next to Flip Lines and Parametric Stretches, parametric blocks now offer Parametric Moves and Parametric Rotations. With these two new action types, BricsCAD now offers a powerful set of "parametric operations", to quickly and easily setup parametric blocks. This nomenclature is made consistent; the FLIPLINE command has now become an alias of its new, default name: "PARAMETRICFLIP". For easier access through the command line, aliases with abbreviated prefix "P*" have been added: "PFLIP", "PSTRETCH", "PMOVE" and "PROTATE".
  • The visualization of the parametric operations' geometry has been modernized, and is now consistent when in the active space, vs. the temporary graphics that were generated when hovering over a block reference that contains a parametric operation. The most important change here is for Parametric Stretches: the "stretch frame" is no longer visualized. Instead, the stretch points are visualized with cross marks. The visualization of all parametric operations has been made independent of the units of the file, solving some scaling issues in files with non-default units.
  • The "2D Parametric" tab in the BricsCAD ribbon has been updated to include the new parametric operations.
  • The approach for the geometry related to the parametric block operations has been changed from database-resident entities on a locked layer to non-database-resident geometry, leading to a more robust solution. The parametric block operations behave similarly as before, but now the visibility of these operations' geometry are managed with the PBLOCKACTIONSDISPLAY command. Parametric Blocks created in previous versions of BricsCAD, containing parametric operations in the old database format, will still be read correctly, and will be automatically converted to the new format upon editing them.
  • Some problems with parametric operations when the User Coordinate System does not match with the World Coordinate System - but the Z-axis does still match - have been corrected.
  • It is now possible to define PARAMETRICSTRETCH and PARAMETRICMOVE operations as “linked”. Marking "operation A" as linked means that if "operation B" affects "operation A", the entities affected by "operation A" will automatically be affected by "operation B", even if "operation B" does not affect these entities directly. As such, these entities are affected in a "linked" way.
  • When copying all the entities that are affected by a parametric operation, the parametric operation gets copied along. This is important in many scenarios, e.g. when copying geometry to another file, or when putting geometry together with parametric operations in a new block. When parametric operations get copied, their visualization state is always turned on.
  • New commands PARAMETRICSTRETCHEDIT, PARAMETRICMOVEEDIT, PARAMETRICROTATEEDIT and PARAMETRICFLIPEDIT have been added to edit existing parametric operations. Options have been added to the right-click menus in the Parameters Manager panel to easily access these edit commands. Command aliases PSTRETCHEDIT, PMOVEEDIT, PROTATEEDIT, PFLIPEDIT and FLIPLINEEDIT have been provided as well for easy access through the commandline. These commands allow users to change operations after their creation (i.e. change the direction of an operation or the selection set for said operation).
  • When editing a transitive "operation A", all other transitive operations that affect "operation A" are excluded from the selection, in order to avoid creating cyclic dependencies between the operations.
  • When setting up a Parametric Flip that only affects specific entities (vs. "flip everything"), the constraints affecting these entities are not touched, i.e. not included in the parametric flip. For the "flip everything" mode, the constraint group is flipped as well (as it was in previous releases of BricsCAD).
  • During the PARAMETRICFLIP command, when specifying entities that are already affected by another flipline, a warning message is printed on the commandline stating that this operation could lead to undesired behavior (i.e., history-dependent interaction).
  • SR154190
  • SR161126
The approach for parametric block action geometries has been changed from database-resident entities on a locked layer to non-database-resident geometry, leading to a more robust solution. The parametric block actions behave similar to before, but now the visibility of these action geometries is now managed with the PBLOCKACTIONSDISPLAY command.


A new PARAMETRICMOVE command has been added, that allows you to create a Parametric Move for your BricsCAD-native parametric blocks. The flow of the command is similar to the PARAMETRICSTRETCH command - but without the concept of a stretch frame. After defining the move vector, you can specify the entities you want to be affected by the Parametric Move, and finally the parameter name. The newly created parameter will now be visible in the Parameters Manager panel, and in the Mechanical Browser.


This newly implemented command allows the rotation of entities controlled by a parameter.


A new PBLOCKACTIONSDISPLAY command has been introduced, which toggles the display of parametric block action geometries (attached to selected entities) between "visible" and "hidden".

PDF Export

The export of wide-stroked polylines was fixed, with the merge of OdaJira:CORE-20015.
  • SR161062

Print As PDF

Added: printer Custom Properties option to create PDF bookmarks.
  • SR139341
  • SR155098

Print Dialog

'Plot style table' selection affects the 'Plot with plot styles' checkbox, as expected.
  • SR130634

Print to JPG

Implemented printing to JPeG files.
  • SR155679

Print to TIFF

Implemented printing to TIFF files.
  • SR150681
  • SR155679
  • SR157164

Properties Panel

The calculation of a surface's area can be cancelled by pressing ESC in the Properties Panel or by collapsing the Measurement property. Also, any action that un-highlights the selected surfaces will cancel the area calculation.


The PROPULATE command has been redesigned to work under all license levels (including Lite) and on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.


Added: option for Publish to create PDF bookmarks
  • SR131462
  • SR139779
  • SR140362
  • SR153145


Enabled the add/remove dimension points option, and reworked the appropriate prompts.
'Datumpoint' value is now properly respected by QDIM->Baseline.


The Qt foundation libraries have been upgraded from Qt 5 to Qt 6. This may adversely affect Windows 8 compatibility.


The Quad cursor has had an overhaul. Using the insights collected from the BricsCAD Data Usage Program, we have restructured the Quad. We removed tools that were not being accessed and improved tool groupings for improved consistency across the product. The overhauled QUAD puts only the tools you need at the cursor, exactly when you need them. We would love to hear your feedback on these changes!
The ISOLATEOBJECTS, UNISOLATEOBJECTS, HIDEOBJECTS commands can now be found in the "General" tab on the Quad. Previously, some of these commands were located in the "Select" tab.


Added a help button to the QuickCalc command.
Added a scroll bar to the QuickCalc panel.

Quick Dimensioning

A basic 'quick dimensioning' feature has been added to BricsCAD - QDIM.
  • SR66663
  • SR73428
  • SR78233
  • SR82177
  • SR82987
  • SR114391
  • SR121542
  • SR122212
  • SR126478
  • SR127928
  • SR132780
  • SR133444
  • SR143039
  • SR143224
  • SR149063
  • SR154503
  • SR159162


The Modern layout introduced in V23 is now the default. To revert back to the legacy Ribbon layout, use the Interface Settings control located in the top-right of the ribbon.
A new ribbon design that features a search bar, improved visual comfort and new foundational technology is now the default. Previously this mode was available as a setting: USENEWRIBBON == 1.
In the Modern and Classic layouts, the Interface Settings button has been moved from the Quick Access toolbar to the top-right of the Ribbon. The Interface Settings button is still available in the Toolbars workspace via the Workspaces toolbar.
The Snap to Pointcloud button has been removed from the Point Cloud tab in the ribbon in the BIM and Complete workspaces.
Correction made to the name label of the Unfold Body command in the Mechanical Ribbon.
A large number of usability improvements have been implemented for the Modern Ribbon layout.
Added a tooltip to split button text hover (in addition to the existing tooltip on the image button).
The Qt Ribbon search now additionally finds matches against button command strings.
A 'Block Save As' icon has been added to the 'Block Editor' Ribbon tab.
  • SR153228
  • SR153341
  • SR161199
All the controls in the Qt Ribbon are now updating properly when changing the RIBBONTOOLSIZE system variable's value.
Increased the opacity (visibility) for items that don't match the current search filter and avoided applying opacity twice.

Settings Dialog

Many of the help tips in the Settings dialog have been rewritten to improve clarity and understanding.
  • SR152647
  • SR154929

Sheet Set Manager

While dragging a sheet set tree row the item's preview moves together with the mouse cursor.
New Model Views functionality allows you to browse and select model views (created with the VIEW command) from external drawings and insert them into the paper space layout of the currently open drawing, without opening the original file.

Sheet Set Manager (legacy)

Now a warning message appears in cases where the New Sheet Set wizard has empty fields.

Sheet Sets

Fixed: SheetSet data is now immediately saved in its DST file after every sheetset data change, facilitating multi-user access to sheet sets.
  • SR125605
  • SR131575
  • SR143101
Create sheet: in the created drawing file only the layout that is set as the sheet template is maintained.
  • SR150215
The Sheets Sets panel now has a model view tab. The drag-and-drop behavior of the tree has been improved. There is also improved support for multi-user scenarios.
When double-clicking a .DST file, we now ensure that it opens in the first running Bricscad instance (in situations where multiple instaces of BricsCAD are running, of course).
  • SR129804

Sheet Sets Panel

The Drag and Drop feature is now more intuitive. When dragging an element, only the elements you can drop it on are highlighted.
The Sheet sets panel now shows one active sheet set at a time. The active sheet set can be changed using a new dropdown control at the top of the panel.
The "Remove location" option in the Model Views tab context menu was renamed to "Remove".
Categories of the Details tab related to the custom properties were renamed: "Default Sheet Custom Properties" was renamed to "Default Custom Sheet Properties". "Sheet Custom Properties" was renamed to "Custom Sheet Properties". "Sheet Set Custom Properties" was renamed to "Custom Sheet Set Properties".
The "Add new location" command opens the folder dialog one time, as expected.

Shortcuts and Suggestions

BricsCAD now has an increased number of shortcuts added including, MLA - MLEADERALIGN, MLC - MLEADERCOLLECT, LW - LWEIGHT, ER - XREF, FSHOT - FLATSHOT, plus many more.
The Command line now gives even more suggestions when you enter a command name from other CAD platforms in the form of: "This is not a BricsCAD command, have you tried XXXX?".

Sketch-based Features

Experimental sketch-based features for the SWEEP command are introduced in V24. They can be created if the CREATESKETCHFEATURE setting is "On". This feature allows users to change the parameters of created solids (e.g., twist angle) and modify the Sketch and the Path that generated said feature.
  • SR135319


We now support the import of Sketchup 2023 files.

ESNAP menu

The toggle state of snap menu items are shown more clearly by using checkmarks instead of checkboxes.


When SNAP mode is overridden, bits 2 and 8 of OSOPTIONS are temporarily disabled to allow snapping to "hidden" geometry.


The precedence of adaptive grid snap (SNAPTYPE 2) over SNAPMODE has been removed, to prevent "shaky cursor" syndrome.

Start Page

It is now possible to pin recent documents on the Qt Start page.
  • SR126018
  • SR132481
  • SR135928
  • SR149968
  • SR152344
  • SR153039
  • SR156254
Recent files can now be shown in a list view.
  • SR132481
We've implemented a new method to display and select drawing templates (.DWT files).
  • SR142940
  • SR147789
The new Start Page offers easy template view, a notifications panel, table view for the most recently opened items and an option to pin recently used documents so that they remain at the top of the list.


Finished implementation of the Express Tools SUPERHATCH command.
  • SR149587
  • SR150707
  • SR155911
  • SR158497
  • SR158930
  • SR159142
  • SR159204
  • SR159314
  • SR159691
  • SR159891
  • SR161972


We've implemented SmartCell Copy for TABLES. You can copy cells by dragging with the bottom-right grip of the selected source cell(s).
  • SR113655
  • SR114869
  • SR128332
  • SR140973
  • SR146176
  • SR146643
  • SR146901
  • SR152918
  • SR152925
  • SR152931
  • SR152941
  • SR152959
  • SR155769
New properties added to the Properties Panel: "Cell style", "Row style" and "Column style".
  • SR126703
Cells copied from Excel no longer change the existing style definition in the destination TABLE.


Four new 3D modeling templates have been added to BricsCAD V24.
  • SR113454


The Access toolbar has been modified to use QSAVE instead of the SAVEAS command.
  • SR161783
  • SR162906
  • SR163107

Tool Palettes

The default tool palettes now contain more tools. #moartoolz


Only the segments that will be trimmed/extended are highlighted during TRIM/EXTEND operation.

WMF Output

The WMFTTFTEXT system setting is added to switch between TTF text as glyphs or unicode characters. Anti-aliasing is enabled for TTF text as text, and WMKBKGND is now set to 1 by default.
  • SR151953
  • SR155706


The Attach External Reference dialog has been improved by replacing it with a Qt dialog.

Improvements to BIM


The BIMCREATEDETAIL command is functionally extended in many ways. Details can now be created inside a BIM project, not only in the Details library. This action depends on where you access the command. You can choose to create a basic, context-agnostic detail, or a smart, context-sensitive, propagatable detail. For basic details, you only have to specify a detail and file name; for which an empty file will be created. For advanced details, the previous flow of the command is accessed: you can specify reference solids, detail objects, tune the detail volume, manage detail tags, etc. For advanced details, you don't have to specify a section anymore, but you can choose between "bounded" and "extrudable" details via a combo box.

Project Browser for Construction Details

Managing Construction Details is now a function of the Project Browser. In the Files tab, in the Details folder, files can be "marked as detail". For marked details, some actions can be accessed via the right-click menu. The "View detail" dialog can also be accessed. The detail can be renamed. The file name for a detail can be changed. For basic details, reference to the detail can be attached in model space. Advanced details can be propagated throughout your model. The detail can be un-marked. The blue "+" button allows you to create a new detail, or to import existing details.

Construction Detail Management

A new command, BIMCHECKDETAILS, has been implemented, that aims to check the status of all project details w.r.t. their detail references in the active space the command is called within:
  • In Modelspace, BIMCHECKDETAILS lists all the detail reference solids, grouped by project detail. Project details without any detail references in the current modelspace are listed as well in the BIMCHECKDETAILS command panel, but with a "0". Project details without a detail file are listed here as well, giving the user the possibility to refer the project detail to a .dwg file correctly.
  • In Paperspace, BIMCHECKDETAILS lists all the tagged details on the current sheet, as well as all the detail layouts on the current sheet, grouped by project detail. Project details without tags on the sheet and without detail layouts are listed here as well, but with a "0". These tools in Paperspace allows the user to quickly select all tagged project details on the sheet and insert the corresponding detail layouts. Further, BIMCHECKDETAILS validates whether the detail files have been updated after their detail layout has been added on the sheet. If that's the case, it allows the user to "sync" these detail layouts.
A new command, BIMCOLLECTDETAILS, has been implemented. It automatically obtains all project details that are tagged on the sheet, collects their layouts, and inserts these detail layouts on the current sheet. This functionality can also be accessed when selecting multiple sheets in the Project Browser, from a right-click action, to obtain all tagged details in all selected sheets, and insert their corresponding detail layouts on the current sheet.
A new command, BIMADDDETAILREFS, has been implemented. It is intended to be used in Modelspace only, when in a BIM Project that contains at least one project detail. This command is available through the commandline, but also as a right-click action in the Details folder in the Files tab of the Project Browser. The BIMADDDETAILREFS aims to add references to a specific project detail, via two possible modes:
  • Convert existing solids: this is the most simple mode: it lets the user select single 3D solids, and "promotes" them to detail references.
  • Selection extents: this mode creates a new detail reference solid, based on the directed bounding box of the selected (sub)entities. Per reference, this box can be inflated.


A new BIMCOLUMN command was implemented that creates solids pre-classified as type Column.


In 'select entities' mode, we can now select the same entity types as we can with BIMSLAB (walls, boundaries, lines,...).


QUICKWALL is no longer a separate command, but is now an option of the more generalized BIMWALL command.
Negative numbers can now be used for the top and base offset in the BIMWALL command context panel.
Single wall mode (former QuickWall): The command can now snap to double lines by detecting them in the geometry, like the QUICKDRAW command does. The best double line is picked, and its width is set as the BIMQuickWall wall width value and displayed in the command context panel. The wall preview cursor adopts this width and also sticks to the double line location.
Single wall mode (former QuickWall): The user now has a fine-grained control over the magnetic snapping behavior when placing walls with the BIMQUICKWALL command. It is possible to independently control whether the wall cursor snaps to walls (and their extensions), double & single lines, detected walls in point clouds, and entity snap points.The order in which they are presented represents also their hierarchy, should multiple snap opportunities be available.


Since V23, we introduced dynamic attributes. The static attributes (like Wall Type in the BIM namespace) are still available, but have now been marked as deprecated. They will still work in projects with the IFC2x3 property definitions. However, for all projects, the dynamic attributes should be used (e.g. Wall Type in the Wall Attributes Set).


Entities classified as BIM Annotation are now handled as wire bodies.


Now a warning is shown when the "_TagTypeToStyle.xml" file was not loaded successfully for the BIMTAG and BIMSECTIONUPDATE commands.

BOM Manager

The Dynamic IFC Attributes are added to the BOM Manager.

Component Library

A set of new Door and Window components have been added to the Component Library Panel, under Windows Advanced and Doors Advanced. These parametric components allow for more customization, and contain hinge markers to be displayed on the 2D sheets.

IFC Properties

The IFC2x3 and IFC4 property namespaces are now merged into one IFC namespace. Differences between the two schemas will be dealt with in the background during IFC Import or Export.
Added a visibility rule framework to handle a property's visibility in the properties panel, depending on another property's value. Now, a specific property field will be shown when Predefined Type is set to 'userdefined'. IFC property sets that apply to a specific Predefined Type will only be visible in that particular case.
Missing IFC4 Property definitions have been added to the new unified IFC Namespace.
  • SR141587
  • SR148097


The view definition and exchange requirement are now included in the IFC file header.
The IFC Export settings are now included in the IFC file header.
IfcWallStandardCase is not exported to IFC4 anymore.

IFC4 Reference View

IFC4 Reference View is now added as an export format in the EXPORT and IFCEXPORT dialogs. The IFC4 Reference View MVD is a simplified version that allows exchanging IFC models with tools that don't support all the IFC4 features. Whenever you experience other tools that are not able to import all the entities from your IFC file, try using the simplified IFC4 Reference View instead. IFC4 Reference View files might be larger and less accurate than files exported with IFC4 Design Transfer.

IFC Validation

It is now possible to validate IFC files against the buildingSmart specification. For Export, use the IfcExportValidateModel setting. For Import of existing IFC files, use the IFCVALIDATE command.

Project Browser

It is now possible to rename any file in the BIM Project Browser panel.

RVT Export

You can now export your model as a Revit project (RVT file). This is a first beta implementation and is accessible via the EXPORT command. The entities are exported as classified 'Direct Shapes'.

Selection Dimensions

When selecting a wall, door or window, the reference point of the selection dimensions can now be changed to any other point in the drawing.

Story Bar

When no spatial location is available, the story bar shows one story named 'No story' to be able to enter TopViewModeling mode without the need to create a spatial location.

Top View Modeling

Reference point of the editable dimensions that appear when a wall, window or door is selected can now be moved to another location. TVM can always be activated, even when there is no story: UCSZ==0 is used as the story elevation in this case.
The bottom active story section can now be dragged above the story elevation.
The active story top/bottom section elevation is now remembered between BricsCAD sessions.
  • SR157754

Typed Plans

A 'General settings' tab has been added to the BIM Typed Plan Editor, allowing more control over how your sections should look.
There, you can add a raster image to your section. You can choose between "Line drawing" only, "Line drawing + Raster image" or "Raster image". You can further refine the result by controlling the visual style and image resolution, enable sunlight and enable perspective mode.
On the General Settings tab, you can also enable the symbolic 2D stair generator.
A switch for stairs 2D representation (Symbolic / Geometric) on section results is implemented in 'General settings' tab of the BIM Typed Plan Editor dialog box.

Improvements to Civil

3D Polyline Linetypes

Display of 3D Polylines can now take linetypes into account. The display of 3D Polyline linetypes is controlled by the LINETYPE3DPLINE system variable. The linetype is drawn as if PLINEGEN=1.
  • SR150068
  • SR150966
  • SR152161


We have changed the "defaultcurvetypeha" variable to [0] Auto Arc. With this, we do not get into a situation where the geometrical limitations of the spiral-curve-spiral curve prevent us from drawing the alignment in the desired area.

BricsCAD Launcher

THe "Civil Design" option in BricsCAD Launcher has been renamed to "Civil Survey".

Civil Commands

A toolbar with Transparent commands has been added under the Civil menu group.

Civil Explorer

Civil Explorer has been extended with a GIS tab. The GIS tab contains a list of all the GIS layers in the drawing and helps you manage their visibility.
To navigate between different views in Civil Explorer, we show tabs instead of a combo box.
The context menu for editing TIN Surfaces has been redesigned. An option to add points to the TIN Surface by picking points in the drawing has been added.

Civil Labels

A new Text Content Editor dialog has been added that allows editing of text contents such as units, precision, rounding, decimal characters, etc.
  • SR155988

Civil Points

The graphical representation of Civil points is now controlled by Symbol and Label styles.
  • SR149338

Civil Ribbon

The Civil Transparent commands were added to the Home tab of the Civil workspace and the Civil tab of the Complete workspace.

Create TIN from Contours

The contours definition user interface now provides information about the number of breaklines and swapped edges, and also allows users to set weeding and supplementing factors, as well as mid-ordinate distance.

Civil Transparent commands

The following transparent commands have been added: Bearing and Distance, Azimuth and Distance, Station and Offset, Point Number, Point Object.

CSMAP Coordinate Systems

You can now download CSMAP coordinate systems on demand from Bricsys, for no additional charge.

GIS Attribute Table

The GIS Attribute Table user interface has been added. The GIS Attribute table displays attribute data of GIS features of a selected GIS layer. GIS features in the table can be selected, edited, searched, filtered, deleted and/or added to the table. The table layout is controlled by the Organize Table Columns user interface, which allows users to change the behavior of several columns at once, un-hide a column or change the order of the columns.

GIS Import

The GIS Import dialog has been updated.

GIS Layer Creation

A dialog has been added, which enables the creation of a new GIS layer and the fields that the layer contains.

GIS Layers

GIS layers can now be created from Map 3D drawings.


The command now supports sharp corners.
  • SR117336
  • SR143650

Manage Point File Formats

Minor changes and improvements have been made in the Manage Point File Formats user interface.
A preview of the format for the selected point file has been added in 'Manage Point File Formats' dialog.
The "Remove" button has been removed from the Column Editor UI and has been added to the Column Editor table, next to the "Edit" button.

Object Data Import

Now it is possible to convert Object Data from Map 3D or Civil 3D to BricsCAD GIS data.
  • SR145161
  • SR147691


The label of the BLADE command has been renamed to 'LISP Editor'. This change does not affect the command name.

Surface Spot Elevation Labels and Civil points

Now it is possible to rotate individual spot elevation labels or Civil point labels.
  • SR152363


The defaults for Add boundaries command prompt have been changed.
Weeding and supplementing options are now available when adding breaklines to a TIN Surface.
Now it is possible to reduce or eliminate flat areas in the TIN Surface using the newly implemented 'Minimize flat areas' command option.
Removing points both above and/or below an elevation is now enabled.


Added option to extract Solids or Meshes for cut and fill areas separately.
  • SR122866
Added option to extract the intersections of two TIN Surfaces.

TIN Surface

TIN Surface property: the Boundary line has been renamed to Border.
A new method for creating TIN Surface from contour data has been added to the TIN command.
  • SR135069
When creating a TIN Surface and selecting Civil points in the drawing, Civil points are now added to the TIN Surface as drawing objects definition.
  • SR158468
The edit breakline definition user interface now includes the ability to set weeding and supplementing factors.
It is now possible to delete individual points or entire linear objects from a TIN Surface via a "Remove" button in the right-click action menu in the "Add drawing objects definition" dialog.
UTF-8-BOM encoding is now supported for creating TIN Surfaces from point files.
  • SR146368
  • SR152921
  • SR156839
  • SR158180


The TINVOLUME command now enables the report for 2D areas of the cut and fill portions of the TIN Volume Surface.
  • SR137913


Now all the Civil related toolbars are grouped under the Civil menu group.

Improvements to Mechanical 2D


We implemented the AMCLEAN command which allows a user to save a mechanical 2D drawing as a non-mechanical drawing.


The new AMPARTLIST command has been implemented. It creates a Parts List and places it in the drawing area.


A new AMPARTREF command, which creates a Part Reference and places it in the drawing area, was implemented along with a Copy prompt.


New AMRESCALE command was added. This command can be used to rescale dimensions, symbols, tables and text in both model space and layouts (Paper space).
  • SR151510


We have added the AMSYMSCALE setting to control the scaling of Mechanical symbols and text, for drawings created in Model Space.
  • SR40799


AMTAPERSYM properties are now supported and can be edited in BricsCAD.


A field for the Spacing property has been added to the Welding Symbol UI dialog.
Icons were added to the list of Weld types and Contours in the Weld Symbol dialog.
  • SR147922

Part Reference

Now it is possible to edit the properties of ACMPARTREF objects using the Properties panel.
Part References, and all their available properties, sorting, and filtering are now available in the BricsCAD BOM Manager panel. When editing the properties of the Part Reference through the Properties panel, the information is updated in the BOM Manager.

Part References/Parts List

Now you can edit properties of AMPARTREF objects using the Properties panel and the information will update in the Parts List.
  • SR145212
  • SR148803

Welding Symbol Dialog

The 'Clear' option was added to the 'Symbol' tab of the Welding Symbol dialog. This option clears all the data and returns the dialog box options to the default settings.
The "Flip sides" option was added to the Weld Symbol dialog. This option swaps symbols on the arrow side with the symbols on the other side.
The 'Edit leader segments' option which adds/removes a leader, leader segment, or leader node was added to the Weld Symbol dialog.

Welding/Datum Identifier

The 'Attach-Detach' functionality of the Welding and Datum Identifier dialogs was improved.

Improvements to Mechanical

ACM BOM Compatibility

BOM Settings dialog to configure the properties of part references and part lists, and setting up defaults, was implemented for the BOM.
New AMBOMSETTINGS command that launches the BOM Settings dialog was implemented.


"Component file" property now shows the full path to the corresponding file.
  • SR156652
A new type of aggregated function was introduced, to count the maximal or minimal number of items in the group.
  • SR148117


Now it is possible to edit BOM tables that exist only in the BOM manager.
  • SR153711
Options to update all tables, as well as delete all tables or a selected table, were added.
  • SR153711


When an exploded view is created, the current camera view in model space is stored as the default view for all explosion steps. However, custom camera views can be defined for any step without affecting other steps.


Options to get the list of BOM tables in the document, their names and associated tables, as well as to look up a BOM table by its associated table, were added.
  • SR153711


Implemented Auto-Hide option making it possible to hide parts that are not yet assembled in an assembly direction, or have been disassembled in a disassembly direction, for a particular step in the sequence.
It is now possible to copy and create new geometry other than the assembly parts in a selected step.
It is now possible to create and copy text annotations to a selected step.


The BmExternalizeIllegalSymbols setting is introduced. It defines the way in which symbols not allowed in file names will be replaced during the externalization of mechanical blocks.
  • SR156652


By default, trailing lines are now generated for the current step. They will be also associated with the current step after creation, which means they will be shown only for this step.

Custom Properties

An option to reset instance custom properties to "defaults" inherited from a corresponding block was added to the context menu of the Mechanical Browser.
  • SR153945

Exploded Views

Now it is possible to associate an exploded view step with a camera view, that will be automatically set during animation and will be used as default views for generated views for this particular step. Camera views can be set by BMEXPLODESTEPEDIT command, as well as from the Mechanical Browser.
Now, it is possible to associate a camera view with any step of a particular exploded view. This camera view will be used when applying or animating the step, as well as suggested as an initial view for generated drawing views. If no specific camera view is associated with a step, it will inherit the camera view from the initial step. When creating a new exploded view, the initial step will get the same camera view as seen in model space.
A parameter to add intervals between steps of exploded view animations was implemented.
Exploded views are now stored in a new format that is not compatible with previous versions. To convert old views to the new format, corresponding options were added to the context menu of the Mechanical Browser and to the BMEXPLODE command.


Export to 3D PDF now allows to export the selected steps of exploded views to 3D PDF as separate pages. The user can choose the steps to export, along with animation, in the dialog.


Added a new EXPORTSVG command that generates SVG files for each step of the selected exploded view. The files are generated according to the options available via the SVGOPTIONS command.

Mechanical Browser

Fixed low performance of Mechanical Browser on large models when a user selected the entire model in Model space.
  • SR146473
  • SR149259
  • SR150069
  • SR150498
  • SR156496
An option was added to show all solids in the model, regardless of whether they have associated constraints or features.
  • SR142665
All nodes except the root node are now collapsed by default. Their state is remembered, so expanded nodes will keep their state when the browser is refreshed.


New "Additional entities" option was implemented in the Mechanical Drawing Views category that allows you to add new types of entities to drawing views. Right now, only support for points is implemented.


Symbol properties can be added to a welding feature, edited, or deleted via the feature's context menu in mechanical browser. After this, in the drawing views, the corresponding symbols can be created using the new BmWeldSymRetrieve command. The symbols can be created for either the selected weldings or all visible weldings of the selected viewport (using the Auto option).
The manual mode of the placement of welding symbols in the BMWELDSYMRETRIEVE and AMWELDSYM commands is improved. The user can now use the mouse to manually position the second point. As such, the placement method is more in line with the operation in AutoCAD Mechanical.

Improvements to Point Clouds

Color Maps

It is now possible to set min and max value of intensity and elevation in colormaps.
  • SR157625
Colormap style for point normals has been added to the POINTCLOUDCOLORMAP command.
  • SR105018
  • SR121702
  • SR122381

Point Cloud

The visual quality of point cloud display has been improved.
  • SR156585
  • SR157194
  • SR159437

Point Cloud Classifier

It is now possible to classify the points of a Point Cloud and use this classification in the Point Cloud manager.


POINTCLOUDPOINTMAX is set to 10,000,000 (ten million) points, as most modern machines handle this easily. This setting improves visual quality of the Point Cloud display.

Point Cloud Reference Manager

The "Status" column in Reference Manager dialog is now visible by default.
  • SR148529

Suported file types

The import of other ASCII formats than PTS is now as fast as PTS import was in BricsCAD V22.
  • SR158313

Improvements to Shape

Shape User Interface

Tools have been regrouped and more tools are now available from the top row.
Tools in the menubar that gave an error have been removed.
Menubar items related to what user interface elements are displayed have been moved from the View tab to the Window tab, this now matches BricsCAD's licensed version.

Improvements to Sheet Metal


The performance of the SMEXPORTOSM command was significantly improved by using multi-threaded computations and other optimizations.
  • SR152852
BricsCAD was upgraded to use the latest version of the OSM format.

Improvements to Communicator


BricsCAD Communicator now supports ACIS 2023, CATIA V5-6 R2023, and Parasolid 35 file formats.



Insertion of boolean features (for example, hole features) into a block is now forbidden if the block is not opened for editing.
  • SR144896


We fixed a bug where changing the taper angle of an extrusion via dynamic dimensions was impossible while the CREATESKETCHFEATURE setting was enabled.
  • SR136701

3D Constraints

An issue has been fixed that caused some 3D constraints to be lost in nested parametric blocks.
  • SR151926


The command 3DROTATE is no longer just an alias for the ROTATE3D command. It can be invoked as a standalone command using either its localized name or the global name.
  • SR159431

ACIS Solids

Some commands that operate on ACIS Solids (UNION, INTERSECT, SUBTRACT, AREA, MASSPROP, INTERFERE) made the application freeze or crash when BricsCAD was run in a Windows virtual machine. This is now fixed.
  • SR152062

AI Assist

Users will be able to add/remove the AI Assist tab through the AIAssistRibbonTab setting in the Settings dialog box.
  • SR149967
  • SR151357
  • SR155074
The AI Assist Ribbon tab is now correctly loaded on Mac and Linux machines.

Animation Editor

Only cached files created during a particular rendering session will be cleared at the end of the session.
  • SR159152


Changing the setting in Paperspace no longer requires a manual REGEN.
  • SR159818

Annotation Scale

We improved platform compatible behavior when adding new annotation scales to a block reference containing multi-line attributes.

Annotative dimensions from Xrefs

Annotative dimensions from an externally referenced drawing now scale correctly in paper space viewports of the main drawing. This issue occurred when the Xref'ed drawing was DWG2007 format or earlier.
  • SR125212


The possibility to de-select all found array patterns was added to the command context panel of ARRAYDETECT command (and that of the corresponding DWGHEALTH task).
  • SR152532

Assembly Inspection

Two new commands have been added, allowing the user to specify an assembly sequence for a mechanical assembly first, and inspect it for assemblability later. In the BMSEQUENCE command, the user is prompted to iteratively select groups of components to be combined into assembly steps, forming a dis-assembly sequence. When the entire assembly is processed, or the user enters FINISH, the sequence is reversed to form the final assembly sequence and is stored under a user-specified name in the drawing. These sequences can be seen under the "Representations" section in the Mechanical Browser. The BMASSEMBLYINSPECT command allows the user to evaluate an assembly design and a predefined assembly sequence (e.g., specified with the BMSEQUENCE tool) for assemblability. This command makes use of a command panel with multiple pages to guide the user through the necessary steps in a visually clear way. In the first page of the BMASSEMBLYINSPECT command panel, an assembly sequence can be selected and visually inspected with the eye icons. Here, the user can choose which assembly steps to inspect on the next page. On the second page, the assembly inspect configuration can be adjusted with the configuration editor dialog. Next, the user can choose the assembly rules to be evaluated on the selected assembly steps by selecting a profile. Profiles can be created and edited with the Profile Editor, allowing users to specify rules to be evaluated, to customize settings from the general configuration and to specify acceptance ranges for the evaluation results. After potentially editing the configuration and specifying a profile of rules, the rules-to-be-evaluated are shown in the command panel, and the inspection can be run. When the calculation is complete, the command panel automatically proceeds to the third page: the result overview. Here, for every selected step, all the evaluated assembly rules are shown with their evaluation result, and if configured, their colored acceptance. A more detailed inspection and visual feedback is available through a dedicated panel per these results.

Associative dimensions

Enabled the updating of radial and diametric dimensions after the shape of a measured ACIS entity was changed.

Attribute Editing

Changes to textbox width are now correctly applied after editing an annotative multiline attribute value.
  • SR162482

BIM Building Element Tools

During the connect to ceiling step in BIM Wall and BIM Column, solids touching the building element's bottom face will not be used to connect.
  • SR161669


The sizes of AS CHS profiles in the BIM Profiles library were fixed.
  • SR118288


Fixed an issue where the command would not work when multiple tiled viewports were involved.
  • SR155522


Fixed crashes of BIMSECTIONUPDATE command when executed in multi-threaded mode.


Translation support for the error messages has been added.
  • SR148383


Fixed setting certain IFC properties related to stairs, and walls in the IFC unified namespace.

BIMSTAIRFixed setting "Number of Risers" and "Number of Treads" IFC properties in the IFC4 and IFC unified namespace.


Composition tags are now displayed in a vertical list.
  • SR152776
The BIM Tag block attributes in _SectionTag.dwg are updated to be compatible with the unified property namespace.
The cached values of the fields in BIM tags are shown when the DWG file is absent.


BIMWALL now supports feet and inch notation to enter wall dimensions.
  • SR152963


Fixed an error that occured when converting a dynamic block (that contained a lookup table for a rotate action), to a parametric block (with a design table that drives it parametric rotate operations).
  • SR161457


We fixed a rare bug that caused block reference to be placed in the wrong location, when the geometry was located far from the coordinate system origin.
We fixed a regression issue in V23.2.04 where in specific cases, rotated matches would not be detected.
  • SR157562

Block Reference Count

Fixed: count block references of all nested levels.
  • SR150018


Rotated blocks are now displayed correctly.
  • SR159265
  • SR160202


Fixed the crash occurring on some localized versions when launching this command.
  • SR164216


Fixed an issue where changing an assembly's external component would cause the placed BOM balloons to lose their displayed values.
  • SR142268
  • SR155130


A rare bug that prevented similar rows to be merged was fixed.
  • SR149654
An issue was fixed that caused BricsCAD to crash when using the 'LAyout' command option.
  • SR164079
"Selection set" function of the BOM manager works properly again.
  • SR155746
  • SR156907
  • SR157462
Custom properties inherited from the original component (or mechanical block) are now shown correctly in BOM tables.
  • SR158696


The editing of BIM components' W/H parameters via dynamic dimensions is fixed.
  • SR105092

Boolean Features

Fixed a number of bugs that caused Boolean features (or arrays of Boolean features) to incorrectly react to geometry changes.
  • SR104693
A bug was fixed that created an incorrect relationship between a Boolean feature and multiple copies of the same feature.
  • SR152975
  • SR153110
  • SR153124
  • SR153886
  • SR156592
  • SR158085
  • SR158549
  • SR160135


Entering box sizes by typing a dynamic dimension value now honors the current drag direction, instead of always interpreting the distance as if it was in the positive axis direction.
  • SR155553
  • SR159440

Civil Explorer

Modifying the Datum text box for a Volume surface now works as expected.
  • SR159823
The 'Convert from Object Data' button in Civil Explorer was fixed.
  • SR161421
Fixed typo in tooltip for Convert from Object Data action button.
  • SR161418
  • SR161420
In some cases, the "Add GIS feature" in the Civil Explorer panel caused BricsCAD to crash. This is now fixed.
  • SR161840

Civil Point

User defined attributes (of string type), are editable through Properties panel, as expected.
  • SR162085
We improved the speed and memory consumption when importing civil points from files.
  • SR154448

Civil Styles

Annotative blocks are now visible and can be selected in the label and symbol style dialogs.
  • SR155442
Newly created objects (e.g., points or labels) that use styles are now react correctly to changes in the Label or Symbol style.
  • SR161423
Label and Symbol style dialogs now correctly show 'ByLayer' as default option for all linetypes.
  • SR162010

Color Dialog

Fixed an issue related to opening the Color dialog box from the Point Cloud Colormap command context panel.
  • SR163794

Color Palette

The foreground color now correctly updates according to background color intensity.
  • SR155674
  • SR156155
  • SR156822
  • SR158727
  • SR159792


Using COM based dynamic properties with a custom entity could lead to a crash under certain conditions, because the entity COM wrapper was not properly cleaned up after its final release. The issue has been fixed.
  • SR157878

Command Line

When input focus is on the command line, pressing a keyboard shortcut now correctly uses the shortcut defined in the workspace instead of the factory default.
  • SR161842
  • SR161882
The BLADE and RENDER windows no longer move behind the main frame window when the fading command line log is enabled.
  • SR163155
  • SR163161
The floating miniframe command line state is now preserved correctly when closing the application window from the Start page.
  • SR162160
  • SR163124


COPYCLIP/PASTECLIP performance is improved for drawings that contain huge numbers of blocks.
  • SR158363

Copyright Symbol

Fixed the display of the copyright symbol on some localized versions.
  • SR158480

SubDMesh Entities

BricsCAD no longer hangs when opening a file containing corrupted SubDMesh entities.
  • SR156821
  • SR156962
  • SR158426


The command now correctly overwrites existing data in the generated .CSV file.
  • SR126085
  • SR129207


Datalink Edit dialog: some options were not correctly restored. Fixed several dialog behavior bugs (e.g., enabling/disabling controls). Opening the Datalink Manager dialog on item activation (e.g., double-click, Enter or Space) now works as expected. Rejecting invalid datalink names during in-place editing now works as expected; and the same with sheet-based named ranges.
  • SR141964
Implemented the import of MS Excel number/date-time formatting.


DGNIMPORT has been improved so that it no longer creates drawing files of excessive (redundant) size. Also, a warning message is raised when referenced DGN files cannot be resolved.
  • SR126152

DGN Linetypes

The DGN linetypes are now correctly displayed.
  • SR143376


Fixed loss of snap points during the execution of the DIM command.
  • SR152511


The flags 'Backwards', 'UpsideDown' and 'Vertical' of a text style are now ignored for dimensions and tolerances.
  • SR145545
Associative dimensions created in AutoCAD are now correctly reflected in the Properties panel as Associative.


We now prevent a crash of DMAUDIT which could be triggered by running the command against certain faulty models.
  • SR123410


The performance of the drag stage of DMFILLET and DMCHAMFER commands was significantly improved.
  • SR139349


The second dynamic dimension of DMCOPYFACES is now properly honored, as one would expect.
  • SR117374
  • SR154274


A specific scenario that caused BricsCAD to freeze during DMFILLET command execution was fixed.
  • SR134429

Drawing Compare Panel

The collapse/expand arrow buttons on the DWGCOMPARE command context panel now work properly.
  • SR154968

Drawing Tabs

The "Close all but this" menu item on the drawing tab context menu is now working more reliably to ensure that we close the correct tabs.

Drawing Views

We markedly improved drawing view generation performance. This is an area of continued work at Bricsys. #moretocome
  • SR141578
  • SR146500
  • SR160136


Creating health check routines with a '.' in the name is now possible.


An issue has been fixed where BricsCAD could crash while attempting to erase a polyline's segment.
  • SR151704


Colors assigned to solids are respected during export, including cases when colors are set 'by layer' or 'by block'.
  • SR150893

Export Layout

Fixed: export of clipped hatches.
  • SR90547

External References

BricsCAD now avoids creating Xref path dependencies for non-Xref'ed blocks.


A bug was fixed that could cause a crash when extruding an edge of a solid.
  • SR158762


The performance of the EXTRUDE/REVOLVE commands were significantly improved in cases when "Unite" and/or "Subtract" operations were used.
  • SR144956

Field Expressions / Sheetset

The path stored in the Field expression is now properly updated to the current sheet set file path.
  • SR156870


Document filename fields are now updated when saving the drawing file to DXF format.
  • SR153447


Negative values are no longer accepted as input for valid area dimensions.


We now correctly generate resultant circular arcs (and circles) when the "display hidden lines" option is set.
  • SR97987


The FROM command modifier now works as expected when Dynamic Input is on.
  • SR148725


The command has been entirely rewritten to enable compatibility with attributed dynamic/parametric blocks, blocks with names containing spaces, and attributes with tags containing underscores.
  • SR164296


The 2D stair generation was improved. The step text is changed to a text object, which can then be edited. Text style and layer settings can be set in the _sectionSettings.dwg file.
  • SR153369


Mpolygons are now supported in the GISCONVERT command.
  • SR163517


When importing a GIS layer, the special characters in the GIS Attribute Table dialog are now displayed correctly.
  • SR162003


Hatches in a Block are now displayed correctly and consistently at all zoom levels.
  • SR157986
A particular hatch with a corrupt soft-pointer to the ACDB_ANNOTATIONSCALES dictionary in the context data manager no longer crashes BricsCAD while opening or recovering the drawing.
  • SR160886
The Hatch command now respects the HPORIGIN variable when a non-World UCS is current.
  • SR121871
  • SR151792

Hatch Patterns Labels

Added support for localizing predefined hatch patterns.
  • SR151279


Fixed an issue where the command's dialog would not show the last selected block as the default.
  • SR149899
The "preview rotation" option was added back into to the command. #oops
  • SR149732
A bug was fixed that caused the value of the "Insert external reference" tick box to be ignored if the inserted block is a mechanical component.

Label Styles

Label Styles are transferred correctly to a new drawing.
  • SR155096

LandXML Import

Alignments made up of successive circular arcs of different radius lengths are now imported correctly via LandXML import.
  • SR162294
When importing Surfaces from LandXML, invisiblity flags for triangles are properly acknowledged.
  • SR159025
  • SR160185

Layers Panel

Fixed an issue where the invert filter option in Drawing Explorer did not work if the Layers panel wes not open.
  • SR155053
  • SR155490
  • SR161553
The display of line types on Xref'ed layers has been fixed.
  • SR148219
  • SR151872
  • SR152107
  • SR152613
  • SR162350
Newly created layers can now be added to the current group filter in the Qt Layers Panel.
  • SR151286


Fixed a problem in LAYOUTMERGE in V24 Beta, caused by improper help context string.
  • SR162978


An issue has been fixed, where using the command in a specific scenario was leading to a wrong connection.
  • SR141615

Library Panel

A range of standard hex keys and one screwdriver component were added to BricsCAD. These components act as a starting point to try the Bmassemblyinspect feature. Those tools can be accessed from both the Bmassemblysequence settings dialog and the Library panel.


Fixed 'Save As...' functionality when the LOADMECHANICAL2D system variable is set to 'On'.
  • SR146244

Localized Commands

Entering command names with an underscore prefix, like "_ABC", no longer executes a localized command that happens to match the name "ABC".

Log-in Remember Me

The "remember me" function of the login now works correctly, even for users not sharing data in scope of BricsCAD Analytics.


Fixed an issue where selecting the 'Repeat' option in the Manipulator twice in a row (when BIM entities were in the active selection set) would cause BricsCAD to crash.
  • SR145060


Layers and Styles with space characters are now handled correctly in http requests.
  • SR143832


Fixed a bug where using the MATCHPROP command on linear solids would cause the solids to lose their profiles.
  • SR130397

Menu Bar

At application startup the menu bar is now initialized from the current workspace instead of the user profile, except when the "/p" command line argument is used to specify a profile.
  • SR150155


We fixed an error for MKLTYPE when trying to create a linetype based on a shape.
  • SR157901


Mleader landings are now scaled correctly.
  • SR161762
Fixed: block-based MLeaders are now properly updated after their base Block has been changed.
  • SR143717

MLEADER grip editing

Improved the grip editing of Mleaders with Block content.
  • SR147426


Fixed an issue with MOVEBAK command, in an unsaved drawing, after changing the destination folder.
  • SR161705


MTEXT now keeps its position after changing the "Annotative" property.
  • SR143049
The AUDIT command can now repair a corrupt MTEXT entity that was in-consistently created on another CAD platform.
  • SR143643
We fixed an unusual case involving a non-annotative MTEXT entity with an internal annotation scale. Said MTEXT is now displayed at the correct size.
  • SR145011


Fixed issues around reading large ECW & SID files when running BricsCAD in multi-threaded mode.
  • SR133146


Fixed an issue with the NCOPY Express Tools command where xref-dependent properties were not copied to the host drawing.
  • SR158132


We fixed an instability that occurred after closing a document tab containing an embedded OLE object. This resulted from an unusual case where one drawing contained another nested drawing embedded as an OLE object.
  • SR160859
  • SR161944


Selection behavior of OLE frame entities has been improved, making it more natural to hover, click, and double-click such entities.
  • SR152448


Fixed error in loading a particular drawing.
  • SR142648
  • SR157243


The command now correctly handles an arc connected to the same line on both ends.
  • SR154380
An issue where a crash would occur when using the 'Round coordinates' setting on a specific drawing has been fixed.
  • SR154380


The localized snap keywords now work correctly when used in a macro.
  • SR140883
  • SR160550


Solved an issue where Imperial units were wrongly evaluated.
  • SR161756


A new COLORPICKBOX system variable has been added through which the color of the pickbox can be configured.
  • SR130345


Fixed an issue where the area of a particular polyline was not properly calculated.
  • SR129210


Rendered plot styles such as 'hidden' now have the correct line thickness.
  • SR154243

Point Cloud

The handling of errors is now more robust when processing corrupt RCS files.
  • SR151831
Fixed an issue where colours could be absent after the import of an e57 file with HSPC set to 1.
  • SR162448
Fixed an issue in the classification of Point Clouds containing room information.
  • SR162937
Increased range of column diameters that can be fitted to 150 cm.
  • SR162012
Fixed bug in reading images from e57 files.
  • SR163099
Processing all available points in RCS files is now possible.
  • SR151831
Point Cloud is no longer reported as "Not Found" in Drawing Explorer/Attachment panel when it can be found in the Point Cloud cache.
  • SR95410
  • SR154832
  • SR155119
An issue related to importing into HSPC format was fixed.
  • SR156783
  • SR157309
  • SR157768
  • SR158627
  • SR158630
Fixed a bug in drawing polygonal regions.
  • SR157168
Importing PTS files is (once again) as fast as it was in V22. #sameasiteverwas
  • SR158313
Cropsolids are now visible at the initial .DWG load.
  • SR156117
Issue with failing cache conversion to HSPC is resolved.
  • SR159909
  • SR160005
Point Cloud pre-processing for paths containing special characters was fixed for machines running UNIX OSes.
  • SR151949
  • SR152998
  • SR154637
Fixed over-subsampling when importing a Point Cloud.
  • SR159437
E57 format files containing non-ASCII characters (and images) are now imported correctly.
  • SR159554
BricsCAD can now import Point Clouds when both the RCP (and the referred RCS) file names contain special characters.
  • SR160005
The parsing of classifications in files based on the LAS data format is now correctly performed.
  • SR160710
The visual quality has been improved during pan and zoom.
  • SR123503
  • SR123829
  • SR161454
  • SR161741
The Point Cloud classifier is now included in BricsCAD V24.
  • SR161427
  • SR161768


Fixed the behavior of a ribbon button
  • SR164672


Fixed the options functionality for POINTCLOUDCOLORMAP command on localized versions.
  • SR161987


Fixed the command options functionality.
  • SR158787

Project Browser

The annotation scale now remains the same when copying or moving a viewport to a new sheet in the Project browser.
  • SR156077
The company logo and project logo now accept PNG files in all different languages.
  • SR153154
  • SR163840


Fixed: entities on a frozen layer are no longer displayed in the PDF file after publishing in background. The 'IncludeOffLayers' option has been added to the .DSD file.
  • SR155460
  • SR157186
Ascending/descending table sorting by clicking on a table column header in the Publish dialog is now respected in the output. Sorting, using the table header, can now be combined with moving rows up/down.
  • SR151851
  • SR159182
To prevent a crash during background publishing, we disabled multi-threaded vectorization and display.
  • SR157061


Fixed the behavior of "Circumscribed" and "Inscribed" options for the PYRAMID command, on localized versions.
  • SR132705


QDIM now works for annotative dimension styles.
The temporary dimensions now disappear immediately, as expected, when QDIM is cancelled.
QDIM Baseline respects the value of DIMDLI and creates the dimensions in a single line.
  • SR161869


Fixed lag on displaying the QUAD when hovering over a complex solid.
  • SR159951
The QUAD is now shown properly when hovering over an edge sub-entity of an extruded surface. This was a regression from V23.2.
  • SR160270
Rollover properties now display correctly for procedural surface entities.


Canceling point selection no longer crashes BricsCAD.


Drawings with corrupted AecsDbMemberNodeShape objects can be fixed in BricsCAD by using RECOVER, and subsequently opened in AutoCAD without issues.
  • SR73337


Now properly shows dynamic block record names for dynamic blocks based on anonymous block records.
  • SR150696
We now properly disable the ISOLATEOBJECTS, UNISOLATEOBJECTS and HIDEOBJECTS commands inside a Refedit session
  • SR153554


Solids with empty compositions are now rendered correctly (and with a lovely red color). #dangerwillrobinson


Clipping for large, normal and split button labels was removed, the multi-line text in such button labels no longer truncated.
  • SR152714
The Ribbon height is no longer (improperly) resizing on BricsCAD's startup.
Fixed an issue where the Ribbon's large split button text was sometimes shown on three lines instead of two.
  • SR153395
If the legacy Ribbon is active and a new user profile is created, the new Ribbon can be set active without a restart.
  • SR162229


We removed an unwanted command line message during a RTWALK operation. Additionally, the operation no longer starts if the RTWALK command is undefined.
  • SR153210

Section Generation

The initial scale settings for the section object are set in accordance with _SectionSettings.dwg file.
Background image and line drawing are now properly aligned, when a plan section is not aligned with the X-axis.


The help text for the Sheetset Manager's settings has been updated in the Settings dialog.
  • SR162553


Fixed the Express Tools SHP2BLK command to accurately honor the scale and position of the original shape.
  • SR163350

Sheet Set Manager

A crash that occurred while opening a particular DWG file was fixed.
  • SR157390
It is again possible to associate a sheet with a layout when the path from the sheet set to the drawing cannot be found.
Fixed a crash that occurred while generating the sheet preview.
  • SR157390

Sheet Set manager

Copies of the same .DST file are treated as separate .DST files, and only the required .DST opens on a double-click.
  • SR156868
  • SR156871

Sheet Set Manager (Qt)

Now it possible to import a .DWG file created with another sheet set. In case the sheet is removed, and no other sheets related to this sheet set remain, it is possible to import said .DWG file to another sheet set.
  • SR156586

Sheet Set Panel

The Open, Publish and Selections drop-down button context menus now have individual widths instead of one shared max width.

Sheet Sets

Lock/unlock has been implemented for sheetset DST files. The SSAUTOSAVE variable is removed, as the sheetset's DST file is saved immediately after every modification. Read-only access to a sheetset's .DST file is provided if the .DST file has been locked by another user.
  • SR125605
  • SR131575
  • SR143101
  • SR157107
  • SR158404
  • SR160058
Asynchronous sheet preview generation no longer blocks double-click opening of a sheet from the Sheet Set Manager panel.
  • SR157390
Views associated to a viewport are now deleted with the viewport (when said viewport is deleted). #whew
  • SR150214

SHX fonts

The processing of shape fonts has been improved.
New-line processing in a specific custom romans.shx font has been fixed.
  • SR95320


Polylines are now only listed in the results if they have been simplified.
The SIMPLIFY command context panel now writes a "." (dot) and interprets it as a decimal separator when the "." (dot) character of the numeric pad is used.
  • SR152012

Sketch Based Features

Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect removal of sketch features that were united with another sketch feature, when the parameters of the latter were changed.
Fixed a bug that caused some sketch based features to not update correctly after edits to the sketch geometry.
  • SR153015
The angle parameter of a revolved sketch based feature can now be properly changed, after its value was once set equal to 360 degrees.
  • SR133919
Some redundant edges created when changing the revolution angle of a complex revolved sketch feature to 360 degrees are now removed.
A bug was fixed that caused some sketch features to become un-responsive to parameter changes.
  • SR133919
A bug was fixed that incorrectly registered additions or subtractions during the creation of sketch based features in "Auto" mode.
Setting the extrusion height or revolution angle of a sketch based feature to 0 (zero) is no longer allowed.


Now the commands CONVTOSOLID and CONVTOSURFACE support conversion to smooth 3d solids and surfaces.

Snap keywords

Fixed the Snap keyword functionality on localized versions.
  • SR161650

Standard Parts Symbols

Standard parts symbols are now read properly in BricsCAD.
  • SR134133

Start Page

Switching workspaces from the Start Page no longer leads to un-stable behavior.


When creating a suppressed group of entities, digits are no longer accepted at the beginning of the group's name.
  • SR146352


The insert column left/right icons have been corrected.
  • SR149658
  • SR152489


When selecting the grips of a Table, the cell borders are now displayed correctly.
  • SR161520
  • SR161885
Improved the "Update DataLink" context menu.
Invoking OdDbTable::subHighlight no longer forces a re-compute.
Insertion or deletion of rows (or columns) in a table with datalinks now works as expected.
  • SR141293


Fixed an issue where editing a TIN definition while the TIN command was still active would crash BricsCAD.
  • SR155270

TIN Analysis

2D Contours in surface analysis are now correctly displayed at elevation 0 (zero).
Slope analysis now calculates the minimal and maximal slope for a given TIN and creates specified number of ranges based on those two values.
  • SR162979


Extraction of solids from the space between two TIN Surfaces now creates a proper solid that represents the volume between those two surfaces.
  • SR122425
Extraction of solids from a specific TIN Surface now produces a correct solid, as expected.
  • SR122770

TIN from Point Cloud

A TIN created from cropped Point Cloud is now created only for the cropped section of the Point Cloud.
  • SR161086


Fixed a possible crash in the "Insert Block in Cell" dialog.
  • SR164220

TIN Surface

When selecting or highlighting a TIN Surface, triangle edges are now hidden in the Realistic visual style.
  • SR148613
  • SR155118
Fixed an issue where BricsCAD was crashing when adding Hide Boundary to a TIN Surface in a particular drawing.
  • SR154225

TIN Volume Surface

In some cases, TIN Volume Surfaces have not been calculating correctly. It is now fixed.
  • SR151942

Tool Palettes

Palettes with many block icons are no longer regenerating icons every time the tab is first activated. If blocks change such that thumbnail icons become invalid, the tab's thumbnails can be manually regenerated by using the tool palette context menu.
  • SR154160
  • SR156462


We fixed a crash when trying to export to Twinmotion/Datasmith when the visual style is 2dWireframe. However, a 3D visual style should be used instead.
  • SR160822


Dimensions no longer lose associativity after a Detail View update.
  • SR152793


The custom scale settings of viewports are now considered to be a standard scale, as long as they match the standard scale value to 5 decimal places. This is consistent with behavior on other CAD platforms.
  • SR117112
  • SR117150

Visibility States

The panel now loads and updates much faster when working with large drawings, containing many visibility states.
  • SR151825
  • SR153475

Visibility States Panel

Fixed the context menu options behavior on localized versions.
  • SR139726
  • SR163220


The diesel macro for the WCLOSEALL command was updated for the ribbon, Quad and tool bars from CLOSEALL to WCLOSEALL. The command still functions in the same way.
  • SR162877


The 'Save As' sub-command now saves a new workspace with the current workspaces' properties, instead of resetting to defaults.
  • SR156168



acedSSGet() keywords are now highlighted and selectable.
  • SR145090
We implemented additional modern signatures of AcGiTextStyle::setFont() and AcGiTextStyle::font().
  • SR149267
AcDbPointCloudEx::traverseAllPointData() has been implemented.
  • SR148975
The AcLocale getProductLocale() function has been implemented.
  • SR149990
Custom commands with the command flag ACRX_CMD_NOHISTORY are no longer listed in the autocomplete command popup.
  • SR152868
Dockable bars and palette-sets are now prevented from sharing a dock row with a non-BRX bar. This new requirement is necessary because mixed bars on the same row cannot be reliably synchronized in size, which causes strange visual effects.
  • SR149971
We extended demand-load functionality by supporting a language independent registry key: SOFTWARE/Bricsys/BricsCAD/V24x64/Applications under HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The new key is now checked in addition to the (similar) language dependent key.
  • SR153515
An AModeler::Body instance now survives a round trip save() and restore() without changing the order of its faces.
  • SR153252
We fixed a transaction bug that caused unexpected behavior in certain cases when the same object was opened multiple times in a nested transaction, then accessed again in a subsequent nested transaction.
  • SR152684
A modal dialog displayed during LAYOUT_CONTROL command notifications is now working as expected.
  • SR154680
CAdUiListCtrl::DoAdUiMessage() no longer displays a warning that the function is not implemented.
  • SR155113
The layout tabs are now updated correctly after a call to AcDbLayoutManager::copyLayout().
  • SR155196
A new AcString signature of acedGetCommandForDocument() has been implemented.
We added an example for setting IfcPositiveLengthMeasure in BimSample.
  • SR120182
  • SR152586
The contextual menu now displays the complete keyword string.
  • SR145090
We implemented the AcDbBreakData and AcDbBreakPointRef classes.
  • SR148592
We implemented AcGeNurbCurve3d::makeNonPeriodic().
  • SR149886
We implemented AcDbText::getBoundingPoints().
  • SR151922
AcDbTable::fieldId() has been implemented.
  • SR152593
We implemented the following AcDbTable member functions: breakOffset(), setBreakOffset(), breakFlowDirection(), setBreakFlowDirection(), breakOption(), and setBreakOption().
  • SR160257
We implemented AcDbObjectId::isWellBehaved() and modified AcDbObjectId::convertToRedirectedId() to return bool instead of void.
  • SR155747
AcDBlockTableRecord::appendAcDbEntity() no longer resets the entity's linetype scale if it had been previously set.
  • SR157246
The key entities sent to an input point monitor are now the most deeply nested, instead of appearing at the top level.
  • SR158450
AcDbPolygonMesh constructor now generates an entity based on the PolyMeshType.
  • SR150468
AModeler::Body::interfere() has been corrected for the case when two separate bodies have intersecting extents but do not interfere.
  • SR158812
AcDbTransactionManager::getAllObjects() has been implemented.
  • SR159573
We added enum value AcDbViewport::StandardScaleType::k1_5.
  • SR160159
The contextual and prompt menus no longer display hidden keywords.
  • SR145090
Searching for a word in an external help window no longer crashes BricsCAD whilst the Tips panel is open.
  • SR149346
We implemented the CAdUiListCtrl::GetItemAtPoint() method.
  • SR155029
Member functions of custom classes derived from AcDbRasterImage are now working properly.
  • SR164482
Member functions of custom classes derived from AcDbRasterImage are now working properly.
  • SR164482
The C++ Civil API has been given a minor makeover in V24. Class and enum names have been changed to improve naming consistency, and now use the BrxCv prefix for all global names. In addition, a few global enums were moved inside their respective classes in order to limit pollution of the global namespace. Aliases are provided for legacy code that still includes the old headers.
AcGsKernelDescriptor::hasRequirement() replaces the deprecated AcGsKernelDescriptor::requires().
  • SR161441
The AcPlPlotConfigInfo class has been implemented.
  • SR101286
  • SR163265
AcPlPlotConfig::fullPath() has been implemented.
  • SR120244
We fixed field formatting being ignored due to ill-formed format code.
  • SR145230
We implemented a missing signature of AcDbDatabase::wblock().
  • SR147213
Various missing AcDbTable member functions have been implemented.
CAdUiDockControlBar::SetToolID() argument has been changed to 'const CLSID*' as on other platforms.
  • SR154735
AcDbLayerTableIterator now honors the setting to skip hidden layers.
  • SR162237
We removed the incorrect default value from AcDbObject::erased() callback declarations.
  • SR162173
We modified the return type for AcDbObject::addReactor(), AcDbObject::removeReactor() and AcDbObject::addPersistentReactor() from void to Acad::ErrorStatus.
  • SR162183
Several AcPlPlotConfig members including getDefaultFileExtension(), isPlotToFile() and fullPath() now return expected values for built-in PC3 configurations.
  • SR163265
We implemented another signature of the AcDbRasterImageDef::suggestName() method which accepts a 4th parameter, corresponding to the size of the output buffer.
  • SR159337
We fixed an incorrect attempt during AcDbText::subClose() to call adjustAlignment() while the text entity was not write enabled.
  • SR161532
Floating paletteset frames with transparency now become opaque while the cursor is over the frame.
  • SR161210
The SAVEALL command now activates each document before saving. This improves the compatibility with other platforms.
  • SR161695
Newly created attributes and attribute definitions no longer trigger an AUDIT complaint.
  • SR161774
We implemented the AcEdSolidSubentitySelector class.
  • SR100604
  • SR130732
  • SR145768
Implemented AcUnderlayLayer class and associated member functions from AcUnderlayReference class.
  • SR120303
Fixed an issue with the AcDbDatabase::save() method whereby the autosave filename would be used in place of the drawing filename.
  • SR160865
Implemented the AcDbBlockTableRecordIterator::seek() method for an AcDbEntity* argument.
  • SR163195
The AcGiPolyline class has been changed to allow safe handling when passing a client instance to internal operations.
  • SR164139
Fixed a problem with BimPropertySets::setPSetProperty() function, assigning values to entity when the PropertySet already exists.
  • SR152683


The AddMText() and AddText() methods of IAcadBlock, IAcadModelSpace, IAcadPaperSpace will now create annotative entities if the current text style is annotative.
  • SR159287
The Application.FullName property now returns the complete executable file path.
  • SR156511
To improve compatibility with other platforms, some COM API functions now interpret technically invalid VARIANT_BOOL values as VARIANT_TRUE instead of VARAINT_FALSE.
  • SR148943


A new Visual Studio extension is now available along with the BRX SDK files. The extension adds project and item templates for plugin developers to quickly create ready-to-run plugin modules in Visual Studio.
  • SR78336
  • SR90145
The Civil API now provides access to civil style IDs and names.
  • SR145914
  • SR162835
  • SR164188
The API samples now include sample code based on the GIS API.
  • SR163031
The Civil TinSurface API has been extended with new interfaces for TinSurface Definitions that define and expose the Surface history.
We introduced a new BRX (C++) and .NET API for Civil GIS functionality. The BRX API is in the header BrxSpecific/civil/BrxCvGis.h, and the .NET API consists of several new GIS prefixed classes in the BricsCAD Civil namespace.
  • SR148045
  • SR158100
The LayoutManager.LayoutsReordered (.NET) and AcDbLayoutManagerReactor::layoutsReordered() (C++) events are now firing when layout tabs are repositioned interactively.
  • SR157182
The BIM API now correctly reports the shape and size properties of a BIM profile.
  • SR162254
Functionality for anchoring block-references to 3D solid faces has been exposed for use from plug-in code.
We implemented an API for Civil points and point groups, including classes Point and PointGroup in the BricsCAD Civil namespace for .NET.
  • SR125560
  • SR130893
  • SR134422
  • SR143605
  • SR143759
  • SR161783


DatabaseServices.Cannoscale can now be set when the layout is activated.
  • SR157796
We implemented UnderlayHost::PdfHost::GetFile(), UnderlayHost::DgnHost::GetFile() and UnderlayHost::DwfHost::GetFile() methods.
  • SR124738
GeoCoordinateCategory.CreateAll() is now implemented.
  • SR135505
We improved the behavior of the AssocArray.CreateArray() method.
  • SR144807
The Editor.PromptedForAngle event handler is now called after GetAngle(), as expected.
  • SR150634
We implemented the LayerViewportProperties.IsTransparencyOverridden property.
  • SR153768
GripData.OnRightClick() is now called when a custom grip is right-clicked.
  • SR89742
The GripData.OnRightClick() signature has been changed to return a collection of menu items.
  • SR90267
We implemented the GraphicsSystem.KernelDescriptor and GraphicsSystem.GraphicsKernel classes.
  • SR89281
We implemented a hidden line removal API in the new Bricscad::HLR namespace.
  • SR89046
  • SR99064
  • SR125974
  • SR131611
  • SR132513
  • SR154725
Custom context menu items with empty IMenuItem.Text property are now added as menu separators.
  • SR159274
The Bricscad.MechanicalComponents API was extended to add support for some missing functionality.
  • SR162540
Some oddly named methods in the BIM API have been deprecated and redirected to new versions with more conventional names. Legacy code should continue to compile and run correctly, but may generate compiler warnings about deprecated methods.
The CurveCurveIntersector2d constructor taking an array of curves is now working properly, and the CurveCurveIntersector2d.SetCurve() method no longer crashes.
  • SR162901
Calling TransactionManager.GetObject() to open an object from an Xref'ed database now uses the correct transaction manager instance to open the object.
  • SR159071
  • SR160971
  • SR161277
Colorbook dialog now correctly sets for ColorDialog.Color the properties: HasBookName, BookName, HasColorName, ColorName.
  • SR145035
Fixed: _AcDb.Entity.Highlight() fails if the entity is highlighted as selection preview.
  • SR153987


We substantially improved performance of (start_image)/(vector_image)/(end_image) in certain cases.
  • SR161880
Fixed an issue whereby the BCOUNT command would permit the selection of non-block objects if executed from a LISP expression.
  • SR162691
Fixed a problem with GarbageCollection of VLA/COM objects, causing unexpected Lisp faults.
  • SR163065